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*** DRAFT ***
Hey hey! mighty Asteroid
you have come from so
far away makes my mind
and dizzy head ;
250 million years ago they
walked right where my life
now Stands /makes me wonder
/, it makes me wonder
if i should have another
, another who stands here
one day \\
we dominated this land for
200 thousand years now
then went for a walk with
the dinosaur. hey hey
mighty asteroid you are
picture with no future.

:: 07.10.2020 ::


WHO hates me?  scholars?
sisters?  Brothers?
Mother? Father?
I write the words
of my heart and expect no return!
I write the pain and pleasure
and never stop! I was a child
and then I grew up!  And now an
adult of dead children — not
me but you!!!  And who are you?
With your foundation of preconceived
poetry and I’m so sad to say
a meat puppet of academic
halls and you can tear down the
diploma of your years learning –>
try to make something NEW ON YOUR OWN:
and  then I’ll notice Y O U
—->>i PRAISE change AND FEAR
no-thing within institutions
and I’m living FREE –? ARE YOU!?

:: 06-11-2015


Ah, those wing-tip shoes

a hipster attitude to boot

an unreliable man-animal too

I walk the footsteps you choose

dinosaurs walked them too

but a real man — fragile yes

I am unreliable but undeniable

I am a whisper upon your heart

a feather-tickle on your soul

take-me-break-me-make-me baby

I am here for you and only you

and the mighty dinosaurs

will finally rest this day


:: 03-17-2014 ::