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There use to be a place for laughter
within this carnival ride of life
a large blue-eyed rabbit to ride
purple flying piglets wearing
knitted green sweaters kissing
roses in bloom — so the light
hits the bloom again
There is so much i could tell you
but you remain so much the power
so much the pain –> oh baby to
live like you’re an addiction
so i guess i should know i should
go but love how you kiss how your
roses are a colorLiking my heart
the light upon the dark side of me
(and did you know when it’s winter
you’re my summer rose?) And now that…
There’s so much i could tell you
oh how i love you love you like
an addiction when it snows
oooh when twin purple tulips bloom
PurpleBURST (i’ve been (ah!) [if i should crush…\
so much power so much my pleasure
so much my addiction my pain] of a DAY i
kissed and IF_i get addicted to love
then by more of the carnival of kisses
by life so MY PAIN
and my heart BECOMES LARGERSby –>
the lips of your purple bloom.

and love remains.

:: 07-04-2018 ::


I should have spoken clearly

(i am never eloquently-tongued)
with blue skies singing,
‘i am the smallMouth’
and so-i like when the sun moves me
expressing light as nature
that moves mysteriously away
from humans whom i love
scattered by exquisite thoughts
the giantSmall meets this
smallGiant heart i captured just
today! The brilliance of love!
the remembrance of romance
She sat upon a bench with
a single rose within her tender hand
: where i am is where she is
where love-Bursts frozenKisses
across the burning sun passion
exploding exhilarating us!

i am too –this love we share
my eternally-everywhere!

:: ~ ::