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i have walked within your
thunderstorms & broken nails
upon the wood of your maple
casket — makes me sad

called a dove the vulture of
all hearts (oh my)
hauled dirty stares within
the sack of my brain we all
refrain from bruised egos OH HEY
says the middle finger of my MOUTH
you can only lose
what you never had
and i broke nails
trying to pull Jesus
from his Cross//+\\

:: 03.11.2020 ::


FORGIVE me if They think i am Mad
— a center must have a whole
which i missed while drinking
starlight and licking orgasmic-
cosmic dust while tending to
a lost angelic gaggle of giggling
cherubic-like girls; (hand hiding
Mouth) Even the Heavens have s e x
like our blades of early morning
grass drip dew do i really love
how the dogs all bark at once when
they saw that Star falling from
your Skies

:: 03.11.2020 ::

A Moment In Creation

The miracle of Life stooped lower
A human sleeping awoke
The whole of existence
Breathing and laughing
In an incredible fashion
Kissed Spirit and Heart
Explosive expansion —
A universe born!

:: 10-15-2018 ::


I should have spoken clearly

(i am never eloquently-tongued)
with blue skies singing,
‘i am the smallMouth’
and so-i like when the sun moves me
expressing light as nature
that moves mysteriously away
from humans whom i love
scattered by exquisite thoughts
the giantSmall meets this
smallGiant heart i captured just
today! The brilliance of love!
the remembrance of romance
She sat upon a bench with
a single rose within her tender hand
: where i am is where she is
where love-Bursts frozenKisses
across the burning sun passion
exploding exhilarating us!

i am too –this love we share
my eternally-everywhere!

:: ~ ::


“WHEN naked,
you are so smooth,”
said the brook with many stones.
So chirped the sparrows
and roared the bears!
Then the skies spoke, “pitter-patter,”
as drops of stones upon my hands.
What I’d like to see: a trickle of
sweetness like the rain upon the
smooth curves of my lover’s heart.
If we settle down we must prepare
a feast for gargantuan fears
Lest we men and women be alone
upon the beaches, sitting
and shifting their gazes with hands
upon the sea’s clouds or the quietness!

:: 01152016 ::

SUMMER HOUSE POETRY: 1 – The Fields of Lovers

Your lips are opened where i dream
expansive fields of tulips kissing
wonderment And eyes as pools of
yet fallen rains      Your heart beating
peace smiling at little things /     as me
deeper than the mystery of life
-searched a loving heart grows
that majestic wing of butterflies
goes into /oVER golden cusp’d
fields with life’s razor-edge gleam
and gloom ‘bursting cloud/RAins
wet our feathered heads within our
nest, which no eye of human can see
‘Tis invisible silence, respecting
unknown artists

:: 09172015 ::


My deartest
I should never
express I am
empty compared
to your heaven
that I am which
by nature expressed
this then is the incomparable
love. A flower whose name
the angels sing,
“Destiny” love So sweetly
gentle heart come toward
the love given by the Hand
of Our Eternal One
Oh! Love! I await for you
in all my tenderest patience
you, the Perfect One!

:: 09-06-2015 ::



JUST a worn pencil
and my heart
on paper wet by tears!
Dear who knew time
was that thief
that took youth away!

That we accept unwillingly
a cyclical passage of
humanity known as life:

which I refuse by all my heart

Love is unperturbed by time
and never ages, dear.

So, my love for you that timeless
stone you hold within your hand

Keep it near, it is all of me
my loving One!

:: 06-23-2015 ::


I’m looking for
the right
words but
meat language
is limited…