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Flash-frame movement the Almost believing
simulacrum-life animated mannequin

who I loved      whose hand touched mine :

a cold touch and on the road all these
(i, trapped inside the skull)
saw these almost unreal things behind their wheels
moving toward something like thousands of gallons of Vaseline 
pouring over humanity                            (for a while, you could see…)
so atrophied and consumed by these animated apostrophes
and i spoke but they did not feel: i stuffed my heart
back inside the slit of my vaginal heart — there’s a
crab’s eye at the end of it’s stalk!

:: 07-14-2015 ::


SUCH daze enters
into few hours
beyond my avatar
of senselessness
that crunch
— popcorn tasteless

The piper visited
for his pay
as my universe
spoke to me
a decree:
— “tis no free lunch today!”

Black pepper eyes tear
rose cheeks bleed
the bark of tongue
peels beneath brokenness
a heart torn in part
— between light and dark

Soft skin easily torn
by black raven beaks
eat the pepper-pecked
what eye could not see
blindness shows to me
— love is all there is

Scream lung-flung disease
purge rotten feeling-be
angel piss golden bliss
high heels Diablo made
fracture-me piece-me
— together for another day