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DREAMING closely i kissed nature
within everything and where it
was: dreaming i dreamt i was
back within myself
within a stain’d-spot
counting all the looks &
remembering all souls’ reflection
(is it all i wish to be?)
i find myself too afraid to
see. Dreaming delusions of
a storm of phantom numbers
where all beings die:
almost 8 billion years after
Earth ceases to exists —
is there any lamp post to see?
are the alley’s shadows all
you wish to be?
many wise hearts speak-spoken
so mysterious and fashionably
sensible you failed —
life breaks my heart.

:: 07.19.2020 ::

Garden Dig (My graveyard prose)



[even i could not speak
to those called, “Them.”]

so Now! (*)Dogs of war (+)and
men of hate
,so they come!
\and All it’s courtesy just
flesh and bone
which may crush so does hope
life & eventually Love
if not prepared./

:: 11-07-2016 ::

cheat sheet: (*) Act 3, Scene 1, line 273,
William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.
(+) Dogs of War, Pink Floyd. A Momentary Lapse of Reason


Flash-frame movement the Almost believing
simulacrum-life animated mannequin

who I loved      whose hand touched mine :

a cold touch and on the road all these
(i, trapped inside the skull)
saw these almost unreal things behind their wheels
moving toward something like thousands of gallons of Vaseline 
pouring over humanity                            (for a while, you could see…)
so atrophied and consumed by these animated apostrophes
and i spoke but they did not feel: i stuffed my heart
back inside the slit of my vaginal heart — there’s a
crab’s eye at the end of it’s stalk!

:: 07-14-2015 ::