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LOVE curved within a flame-
ember dancing heart
exquisitely soft
and words?

From a Northern Wind
into a castle-flake
of burning ice
softly fell upon our
pressed lips
and winter…
that Summer always
within you!

:: 02-?-2020::


IT rained ruinously down the streets went the
raging day’s temperament
The dog’s barking and snapping at the droplets
of regretful tears that grew into monstrously
huge violence
A hailed cab stood no chance and a failed
businessman took his clothes off and dove
headfirst into the gutter of despair
The young mother with her stroller hoisted
her sails and allowed squally wind to
pacify the cute cuddly cherub
\no other thing existed. The world
was all empty pending the eleven o’clock

Unpredictable — as is nature.

:: 09-29-2018 ::


Piece_No_03-110210-MOD-Visual Perfume

(c) E.P. Robles 2013


DO you see the gentle push…
of fragrant Spring?
She stepped aside a time ago
politely granting wind and snow
crystal ice and dusting white

Oh how I love and miss you so!

Come to me elegant season
and I pray you do not forget
to wear your dress of flowers
and lipstick the tinge of sun…
the brilliant blue sky within your eyes

:: 01-25-2014 ::