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I walk around and down the walk
just another day minding business
and I can hear the people saying
nothing matters but what’s in heart
such a thing needed is more song
about love and life and smiles too
And what does the man say…
listen to what they all sing
It’s what the heart needs
and it needs…LA LA LA TA DA LA LA
and the flowers twirl float soda
and sherbet paints Mona Lisa
and she is singing LA LA LA TA DA LA LA
it’s what the heart needs yes it does

:: 03-02-2014 ::


MY wish so tender-simple
bare feet running upon the grass
My eyes– a smile wide
kissing blue-soft skies
belly-deep carefree laughter
Oh! Though my skin
— the older grows
and whiter the snow
— upon my head
there be youth-fire
within my hearth
Sweet time-gentle
bless my mind…
intoxicating rivers
of memories past
Today awaken I as old
but to sleep in youth
— I surely go!