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Why did you leave me naked in this cold wasteland?
You were gone for light years so go away go away

But don’t leave me alone i cannot take this
my body has grown small in singularity

i am a Soul inside time-space

you are like a molecule and i a leaf
i have spread my fragrance through every apple and every bloom

We were in love with Paris
We were in love with Bluebeard
We are so close but dilated by light

And now We are dead in form

We were in love with the moonlight
we were in love with the salty sea
you know how some things stay with us
but not all things

i am a Soul caught in space-time ah!

we were in love with the sun and the moon
i was in love with You but it wasn’t enough

We were in love with the green ground
We were in love with the blue seas
We were in love with the black side
of night

we were so close but now dead
we are dead.

We were in love with every spice
i am in love with You
but it isn’t enough

We are dead
we are dead

we were in love with every flower
life in love with You
but it wasn’t enough

i am in love with every scent
i am in love with you
but it isn’t enough
in love with every sound
in love with every smoke

but caught in a terrible space-time web
of life and thoughts fighting myself away.

:: 05.26.2021 ::


Immaterial – formless;
the imbued by Spirit
and body is more!
That patterns determine
rain, snail and flower
and more by zero
but most by Soul!
And innumerable
Infinities that come
and go!

:: 08-17-2017 ::


THERE is only one moment
we can live within
and it is called
the empirical number
of no value!
With arms as wide
as winds and words
that whisper whens
between the spaces
one square foot mired
twisting time’s froth
and we all fall within
each footstep towards
eternity the deepest lap
of enormous mindless
distinction of no one
every knows!

:: 10262015 ::


Say, be my love(mystery too)
My heart!
Than can be more careful!
Time the (pre)veil of misty dreams

Those broken mis-step footfalls
across your pure heart
I took and more closely than
the love you Gave the GhostMe

lost in life divided
by space-time and God)gave me
the Eye of the Soul

(Bare hearts like snow,
even rain and mud know
understanding nature)
the endless journey now!

11-03-2014 ::


Nothing so better
<bitter tasting>
like bitten life!
my mouth
(Kneed me love)
caught my surpris-
ingly boyish delight!
WhenNow captures
my all everything!
She wore dressRead likes
thereGo my heart!
Chasing time and her,
the pasting road
My goodness!
Einstein riomance
drowed by exquisitely
compressed variable!
The none-from-one
to two!

:: 11-04-2014 ::


SUCH is life
(this body knows)
what experience
we share —
t’is nothing more
than memories

When something happens
— time elapses
then reaction
If this be the case
and I do believe so
then we live a life
chasing memories