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YOU say, ‘love, so be it’
and i will pretend i am
ready || you whisper
within hot skin ‘I want
to place all my secrets
within your heart’
until i get out of all
this mess//and if you say,
‘I’ll be here when you’re
ready, love.
When you’re ready
to confess.

:: 09-01-2015 ::


Nothing so better
<bitter tasting>
like bitten life!
my mouth
(Kneed me love)
caught my surpris-
ingly boyish delight!
WhenNow captures
my all everything!
She wore dressRead likes
thereGo my heart!
Chasing time and her,
the pasting road
My goodness!
Einstein riomance
drowed by exquisitely
compressed variable!
The none-from-one
to two!

:: 11-04-2014 ::

W. E

W.   E
MU.   St
  B E

A   RT

:: 11-04-2014 ::


My fields my love i tend to
walk by heart these days
my life like my soul
like the clouds above
a kiss upon the light
that breaks the night
when sun grows so lonely
it tears the two apart
like my heart with you
like day or night
i walk the fields my love
to tend to life
and my feet unbearably
walk upon your heart
the rich soil of your soul

:: 11-02-2014 ::


What trust placed — anyone!
Bequeathed garlic fly,
“One, the child, beat,
a jester-cheat, brute!
What soul unknown this world!
“My modesty died in beauty, girl”
I believed the brimstone kiss,
lust laid me, honestly, magically!
And between these worlds, parted lips,
drank the dream of lasting love…
“so believe me, then do not!”
I only understand truth, and love.
Said the pure fly in blue skies —
“Then upturned noses smell fungus!
and in mornings, lonely abdomen!”

:: 09-22-2014 ::


My angle visited me just today
and she brought along her tricks
and they blew me away this day

She held within her hand
a butterfly so beautiful
and it spread it’s wings

and my soul-field covered
in her love butterflies
and Van Gogh died today

Today I saw my paint dry
and the canvas prayed
never let that brush go

Today, my hat I tipped
that soul a flavor gold
and I said…

fly on angel
fly through my skies
fly with my colors

My brush I threw away
a painter is a hand
but she’s my heart

:: 04-02-2014 ::


MY confession
— to you
I wish to dig
my flesh side of you
and feel your soul
Quiver and trembling
tears of joy…
and animal lust
beyond a passion
surpassed only by
— resurrection and
immaculate conception

:: 01-12-2013 ::


MY land is not of soil
It toils not beneath
your golden orb of light
Dare I say to those
who wear a dress
of flesh and hair
it sits upon a single stone
that I call my palace-home
From the imaginal realm I come
Between the here and how
Across the living now


I FEAR my walls are too tall to scale
and you will regret you tried
how many broken nails would you give
to find the soul within my skin?

The lunacy of it all to believe in faith
that when the heart speaks you must listen
what passion drives you assume you must take
but what end state does your soul desire?

I only have true love and a golden heart
is that more than the treasure you dream
to comfort you in your days through life?
The question is not of love but faith

So you wish to live with me and maybe die
through the seasons of joy and pain and life
The fabric of your dress will fade and rot
in the grave — but our love will brilliantly survive!



I CONFESS my disposition to the world
the nature of my being — my soul
that of romantic and tragic spirit
quarter me, pierce me, kiss me
but never break —
the beating heart within me