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Vampire Kiss (2)

LOVE has stalked me
thrice with its cunning
and more than once
has slay with its fangs
such a hunter is it
I fear it will not abate
and in the end I fear
first a mate then the end

:: 02-03-2014 ::


IN the sweet moment
each and every day
you can smell love
and innocence in me
at the market
in the cubicle
but I refrain
imaginary love —
so many lovers
I refrain from
impulse today

I walk away
in heels too high
to keep the waters
at bay —
and I say

Still lonely
steel rains
its taking over
steel rain
So it starts
every day
each moment
between us

so many names
each one a lover
who says slowly
I’m your
Steel rain
steel rain
its taking over
its taking over —
me —


I PLANT myself within your mind,
That covers itself with your beauty,
You, unknowing, allow me to seep toward —
That vessel you carry within your chest

I plant myself within your mind,
Aching to light a fire within your heart
You, catching yourself refrain from me —
That vessel within me sinks to darkened depths