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Dew Pressed Evening Light

From the dew pressed evening light
there by the biding brightly might
of my somber receding life;
as others might lesser me could not
by depressed inner sigh
was and is my stormy life
depression within the fold.
From the earliest of my days
there within me sadness lay
And all the joy of my heart
by the same tone could not fight
for self unless i be torn;
my compassion extended long
beyond the reach of my needing
own — and now as time has stretched
it’s thinning arms i find myself
a stowaway upon the desolate spot
cast aside in stormy water
still my love and beating heart
sails across the vast dark void
to comfort afflicted tormented
souls- of blue and silver sparks
by striking words and thunder talk
the angel my guardian holds my
hand (now that Heaven hears
my tears) Of a day more near
than far when shall i too find
the love as my own to comfort me.

:: 08-03-2018 ::


to catch the gleam
bird-eye dove in
and crashing river
over-pours my
cup of Life
i knew the nest
of crackedEggs
to watch the gleam
of  baby eyes
the Feathers
of hungrySouls
always wishing
gentle winds

and yetScreams
the jet streams
of current’s life

:: 01-11-2015 ::


AND the lonely
are one army!
We shall fight
to the end
for all love!
Against evil,
and soldiers
of hate and fear,
the victor, us!
Our spoils
nothing more
than love
and peace!
This ends war!

:: 10-28-2014 ::


when ‘nothing’ shares
a ‘something’
what to expect,
a ‘something?’
the fullness of
wholesome wishes,
the falling star
of expectations?

we see the bursting
at sunset and love
the next day expecting

a something —
maybe nothing!

:: 10-03-2014 ::


I PLANT myself within your mind,
That covers itself with your beauty,
You, unknowing, allow me to seep toward —
That vessel you carry within your chest

I plant myself within your mind,
Aching to light a fire within your heart
You, catching yourself refrain from me —
That vessel within me sinks to darkened depths