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THAT i have felt the winds of misery
of all that i have won through fright,
against steel and metal thoughts,
my arms are now weak, but not my heart

Not even a little.

What little tears me are drops of waves
against the mist of vast ocean
lit by thunderbolts of sorrow,
defined by unfathomable solutions,
or anemic eyelids.

i was born too early and fought for life
premature; then suddenly a fire within
my tiny heart grew and separated myself
from the chaff of earth; when wheat
hardens its little flanks and lifts up
its thousand-handed face,
i flew — as no human could.
the One who never shrinks from the
thump of darkness frightened.
My footsteps approach as fire
within the smoke, melting Winter
to live within Sprint, wielding Sun
to grow flowers and their petals,
and pushing earth away
in a wave of love and passion,
within raging rivers of flowerheads
does the light of sun and moon
reach my MOUTH:
as an old friend that meets me again!

:: 11.10.2020 ::


You! the gimp of life!
Weissmuller to Lex Barker!
i ask forgiveness dearest
reader: time and this sticky
foul space sticks me to noise!
who’d have thought (think?)
no one (opinion) that
thinking has a know
an incredible moment
in humanity: we know!?!
So there: it seems beautiful
to think we KNOW
imprisoned in academia
which I fiercely hate!
Institutions are for
encased brains that feed
upon sincerity — and who
SHE devours continents
civilizations — mother
is a bitch and you better
come to terms!
:: 07-05-2015 ::


TENDER dreams bespeak an ancient soul
one who adores the written word
In ancient times seen so magical
a scribble here and there
to keep the kingdom from disrepair
And now you fear the social web
it attempts to bind you from your soul
your weakness is not from fear
but from years of constant struggle
refuse to fight — just a while
to gain the strength that you need
then melt away the evil foe!

:: 02-03-2014 ::