Daily Archives: October 12, 2014


barrel the hatch sea surf deaths!
i feel the wrath of mother nature
sliding bidding the death cold water
kraken smile toothed grin death
aaaah!  the waves!  Ahhh go away!
Mother tending to her children
alone but safe on sturdy land
her man against the seas
fourteen flowers save me
one for each month at sea!
Aaaah!  Wave!  Go away! Go Away!
The sails like blue birth death
bellow-winded nature curses
bitch in heat wanting death
i want land but cannot quit
the crow nest my temple death
Salty-bearded men praying
go away!

:: 10-11-2014 ::


Jesus smiled at me today
when i fell upon my face
i picked up my tooth
and smiled back at Him

spaces between joy
create greater souls
so i danced like a fool

Jesus cried with me today
when she left me high and dry
and boats need their oceans
shipwrecks just a shore

and Jesus my best of friends
won’t you stab me today
in the smallest part
of my tender back

it’s been such a long time
ago when your friend betrayed
all for 30 pieces of gold
but my love needs no such thing

So, we looked eye to eye
and I shook His hand,
never afraid to find the shore
just a gazed gazely stare —

i will never die    alone
He is in all my   control
I’m not the Man who will
ever sell the world

:: 10-11-2014 ::


HATE ME, tell me lies
kill me, mother dies
lick me — other side
i’m walking death
to you — loving
fucking all of you
my living is a life
but my dreams sing
between the falling
light of the pines
oh, my heart sang
the day i died
My hair fell yes
across the brow
of my heart last night
and the pines,
where sun never shines
i shiver all through
the long nights
when i realized
my life is a dream
and mother —
she died when you
kissed my heart
and gently killed me

:: 10-11-2014 ::


when my heart
blows like
the cold wind
i’m done —
the begging
digs deep
so i ask
‘my girl,
who do you
[in the deep
the deep dream
i love my dream]

your hands,
so cold girl
who did you touch?

[i touched my love
the man i love
six feet deep]

my girl, my girl
don’t lie to me
love likes warmth
and death so cold

[my dear, true love
never dies
but breathes warmth
and melts death too]

in death so true
love never parts

::  10-11-2014 ::