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Marmara teasing, ‘do you see me?’
the black sea among
tables more empty than tombs
to yet born emperors as black tie
waiters serve solitude in peaceful
nights and to know the artist
who has sprinkled dots of fiery
light across the heavens!

Over there, the beach is empty
shall we run there together
hand in hand and heart within heart
tears of rejoice that i have found you.

:: 04-27-2019 ::


WE skip night All into a daze
hours and minutes, WATER uh!
and walk the plank of a ship
that breaks icebergs in Bering
pass the coke and Jim Beam
I say hang around my sea parking
lot swelling undulating waves!
We run the boat — well, oh hell
Indian Summer nights
hugging my radio
we set sail for the horizon
made it through the cold
and it’s getting real and ya
say let’s head for the coast
Gotta say we got a fishing hole
and the girls of fantasy
feed us tonight
It’s all the summer nights
playing in my head well
got a job and gonna do it tonight
Bring home the smelly clothes
and bacon and another month
of living right now what i’m
talking about! Yeah a few
who run the night on busy waters
we never let go oh hell yah!
We run the night on busy waters
don’t you know? We don’t play
games with lives on the ropes

:: 10202015 ::


IS then, that love
by gorgeous heart
begin when furnace
burns as stars
if then, that smile
by largest mouth
turns the tide of
all seaside towns
(their homes lit
to reflect light
upon the undulating
wishes of some Soul)
waves!  Sound is salty
within my mouth dear;
but a tongue speaks
fresh-watered kisses
and jelly-fish are
hard upon the shores
speaking of how they
once danced in liquid
–love?  Yes my dear
yours are soft and
still swimming upon
this embrace between
beating hearts! The
ocean sings tonight!

:: 07-18-2015 ::


i was seized by flame!
seized by whim!
hard to explain
when i died
upon the whim of a moaning
–YOU!  cigarettes and
burning fingerTouched
i was mesmerized
and say to you we take
the silver tongue to
the pier at the edge
of this lustful ocean
:ME:  Oh, so fun, so
sun, so umbrella and i
like how my skin looks
and my feet too
and when you’re done
i love myself
  within your drowning
caresses ~~ i swim the SEA
of LOVE!
:: 07-09-2015 ::


WHEN with wide-opened eyes,
just two this morning
a single finger sputtering
witin the fruit bowl of
table cornered smiles
you came through the hall-
way into the warm tight
kitchen corners weeping,
“Is this the grand goodbye?”
you devised by wishing
history — the misty
frothing sea of green
and mystery: the regular
rise of heart’s ocean
waters are know as tides
that bid farewell
and waters like love
fall back again and lust
rising to highest levels
that covers much of shore!
And when time and thoughts
are at lowest tide: falls
to its lowest level –\
it is the lowest tide for
love!wish i wish rising!

:: 07-08-2015 ::


O that tender
little time!
to wish it more
as long as
the greatest
That was
cleansed by love
and removed all
gloom and pain
and remaining,
the tears
of all mothers
and fathers
weeping holding
the seashell
voices of baby
O what little time
no more than
thimble that we
make miracle!
and for me!  I
keep my seashell
upon the shore
of that greatest
ocean called forever!

:: 02-21-2015 ::


“I AM shores
eating you”
said the waves.
“And I am life,
ebbing you!”
said God.
I am ME,
said soul!
dreams by
upon my shore!
Is simply LIFE!

:: 10-28-2014 ::


my bottledWord by sea,
tossing dipping
drowing almostly by
squalls and the hot
blood of ocean
My penKnew inklings,
like severeKraken
gripping timeHearts
And where my heartWords?
Wash ashore — neatly
within my bottledSoul
only the future knows,
but myTimeBymoments
— my future friend,
I do love you like
today — I wear you
when I swim!

:: 10-22-2014 ::


I and just me and no thing more
fell toward the bottom of heaven
it was simply my desire to kiss
and hold an unapproachable
beauty I met, and you, a magic
like– new things with hidden treasure
and I did forever give my faith
and heart and trust and our ship
sailed toward many ports of life
and we were happy then…
but tempest of a waterGod
batter yourHull heart and we
drowned and died like Jones
I love the sea and water nymph,
but never knew how deeply
and coldly your ocean went.
I simply died nowHere.

:: 10-17-2014 ::


barrel the hatch sea surf deaths!
i feel the wrath of mother nature
sliding bidding the death cold water
kraken smile toothed grin death
aaaah!  the waves!  Ahhh go away!
Mother tending to her children
alone but safe on sturdy land
her man against the seas
fourteen flowers save me
one for each month at sea!
Aaaah!  Wave!  Go away! Go Away!
The sails like blue birth death
bellow-winded nature curses
bitch in heat wanting death
i want land but cannot quit
the crow nest my temple death
Salty-bearded men praying
go away!

:: 10-11-2014 ::