Daily Archives: October 18, 2014


dispensed by my
day of enormity
My hand I gave
but not touched
never and forever
this horror aches
and reasons bleed
like heartHole Me
I must be this
terrible monster!

:: 10-17-2014 ::


I and just me and no thing more
fell toward the bottom of heaven
it was simply my desire to kiss
and hold an unapproachable
beauty I met, and you, a magic
like– new things with hidden treasure
and I did forever give my faith
and heart and trust and our ship
sailed toward many ports of life
and we were happy then…
but tempest of a waterGod
batter yourHull heart and we
drowned and died like Jones
I love the sea and water nymph,
but never knew how deeply
and coldly your ocean went.
I simply died nowHere.

:: 10-17-2014 ::


I wouldn’t care if when your feet
fall upon Mother Earth but since
they do (sometimes fastly,nimble) the notes of heaven and it’s symphony
touches my organHeart like a piece
of gold rattling in my LifeBox gift.
Mostly all ducks walk like shackled
slaves but the swan by eyeGrace
glides beneath sweetened moonlit waters.
I think you are not duck nor swan
but the ballerina of celestial stage
and that symphony beneath
your footfalls marry my heart
to your soul, always when you move
and me, too.

:: 10-17-2014 ::