Daily Archives: October 26, 2014


my love SoBe ateTu fo
my cherrie aMo re
heart that i fell
no tBy son(g) but
andWhatNext my soul,
the girlIn red heels
jayCoo by sea
laBelle dameSan regrets

:: 10-26-2014 ::


my bottledWord by sea,
tossing dipping
drowing almostly by
squalls and the hot
blood of ocean
My penKnew inklings,
like severeKraken
gripping timeHearts
And where my heartWords?
Wash ashore — neatly
within my bottledSoul
only the future knows,
but myTimeBymoments
— my future friend,
I do love you like
today — I wear you
when I swim!

:: 10-22-2014 ::


BY heights I have died,
that soaring love of you!
My nights I have dreamed
by searching chamber hearts
whenever my thoughts think
it always runs to you!

:: 10-22-2014 ::


My feet so tiny,
by comparison
to life!
My mouth a hole,
one I never knew!
Life consumes me,
and thoughts too,
tinyEyes upon
a broadBare face,
eaten tearsby time.
And the criminal,
love that steals!
A goodness lit me
when a morrow rose!

:: 10-24-2014 ::


AND you, my strange brilliant
flower of loveAndColor
what HipLip my true desire!
Like fermented moonlight
the drunkness, my heart.

And rolling upon and o’er
the banks of my soulRiver,
we too, drinkers of the fog!

And each starlit candle
above the miracle-love,
we two, within our fog!
The cherub lay moist
against our spirit’s love.

Oh my lover which I love,
like yellow globes,
burning in this night!
Forgive the trespass
of my eager-needing heart!

I might of born-be sorrowful
heart —
but our crowns of gold
keep sight upon our souls

:: 10-24-2014 ::


Don’t let the light shine upon me–
I am the need, usurping life.
I am the ghost of need.
And you, so nice in all your life,
took me inside and gave to me
a reason to live– I threw it all away:
don’t let the light shine upon me —
I am the need, usurping life.
I’m the ghost of need.
I am the city inside of you.
People living, walking, sleeping,
loving, and dying.
And the justice, jury, and the one
who wears a black hood:
throwing the switch watching you
dying wishing you
never had — never let
the light shine upon me

I am the need of the dark light

:: 10-25-2014 ::


I have a bed made
from the love of you
Oh yeah, it’s true, each pillow
a curve like-the thing
I loved all about you —
and would you say, “Dear, God has a name.”
I took your words and cried all night.
I know God is good but
…my pain; cries as though God-Zero.
God has love and I have a question:
I remember all His glory like-when
I fell into love,
oh yeah, yeah…oh yea
all within you and life.
God is Good and He’s Great
and has a face and a name;
if you faced Him in all His glory,
all the world I’d say, (yeah)
is all of us just struggling
like a ladbug trying to make
a collarKiss upon a neck
and God is great…so Good.

:: 10-25-2014 ::


i watched a bug cross
a hear(t) – hearing,
listening to a tune
// celestial whore //
and the fingerGod
of myMind squashed
the meaning of itsLife
then i knew the mud
and the strife of
DNA and the life
sparkingHearts (–)
Life, not so precious
unless the mind
can kill it +
:: 10-25-2014 ::


So you took, to run
across the dandalion
when we broke up.
i saw the color
like fire beneath
the path of your feet

i took the paint
of your pain,
and drew you:
a summer’s day
of lovely people
kissing, laughing.

So sweet, you – lips!
i never knew angel,
until i met you.
And softly i live,
in that memory.

So soon we left
the impossible room
of a great life,
but i still paint you
with the morning’s light.

Your portrait —
always a part of me

:: 10-25-2014 ::