sometimes makes you
feel alive
and sometimes dead
Life can hit you
in the face (oh my)
and memories of youth
are always sometimes
good but now it’s bad
And with lessons to learn
who can keep you in
your seat: maybe now
it’s time to recognize
your brothers & sisters
and now”
we all shout on we
all shout on who
are we <ah!> we’re all
tasting stars and moons
and hugging hearts >
these days are so strange
and everything politicized
forgetting no matter how well
We speak the truth is true
: we are all one.
Oh mama we are all one indeed!
Oh, mama like John said, ”
everyone is high and there’s
UFO’s over New York and I ain’t’
surprised.” Such strange
days indeed!

:: 09-28-2017 ::

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