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So Now, i Bring you a Bit of Me

So now, i bring you a bit of me
within this light

and that comforting feeling and your hair is
neatly fitted within my fingers as this sun
called morning glory within the wind and the
compassion of love my voice quivering life
and deeply felt sobbings of wishings
all between my wishes and dreaming life
so abundantly needings that needings
are not soonly despaired my dear/
you hate fakery\ so do i and therefore
the skies heavy of milk of perfumes
\ when this heart soon dies does it
remember true love of oh my love as
your love of all lovings/ when this
beating of beating hearts abundantly
traverse time and space — yes my love
yes my dear i am here always gathered
by the froth of scattered tempetst
as a mouth without a star as a heart
needing love as a soul fitting perfectly
unto your soul my dear.
is my love. is for you.

:: 04302019 :

Love, So Like Love

Love, so like love — a flower
and her breeze like the dream
like when thenLOVE spoke
upon famousNIGHTs as all things/
great become SOMETIMES sadness
oh, so like everything like joy
and unforgotten sadness
little angels summoned to me
dear, lovely one — my tongue
please unbind against me
tornadoes and hurricanes
the love i feel /you felt\
to live this short life
as human — > murders
gave souls to Heaven
Flesh the feeding seed
for soil gravediggers
a salary for a body
— I summon the one I love.
Skin rotting
upon the ground /
old cadavers resuscitate
my famous midnight.

:: 04302019 ::

Then there is Love That None have Captured

if i told the world my heart has died AND if by chance
anyone heard: a proclamation of my funeral’s commencement.

Beasts! Animals! who then! I’ve had enough of their
picturesque and drama …colors and charms.
My mind and mouth are pencil and paper and cruelty
eat light unfortunately delight for commonality
But everything moves forward. Hearts press, breasts
beating against love in hope, but only my love has
one name, only one form. To remember it you are
there. You, this form and name, my love.
As the hours move so does my dream before first ray of sunlight
reverberates against the chest of warrior of Love. My
dearest love.
Elizabeth Dickinson. Your intellect and beauty.

:: 04302019 ::
e.p.robles (c)