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HATE ME tell me i am dead
Wait now, until i’m here
Dread love, say it again
Love you — when i’m here

Love me because
i’m Jesus’ child
i’m not the only one
i’m not the only one

Taste me
tell me i;m honey
like a buzz’d bee
stinging you
waking you alive

Rape my Soul
Suck my silver cord
lick me again
waste me angel again

I was the only one
I was the lovely one
Hive me my mind
waste me again

Bee buzz bite
taste me again
i’m Jesus’ chld
kill me again

Love me
Lick my honey again
tell me i’m lovely
taste my honey
stinging you
so lick me bee
buzz bite me

:: 03.21.2023 ::

Then there is Love That None have Captured

if i told the world my heart has died AND if by chance
anyone heard: a proclamation of my funeral’s commencement.

Beasts! Animals! who then! I’ve had enough of their
picturesque and drama …colors and charms.
My mind and mouth are pencil and paper and cruelty
eat light unfortunately delight for commonality
But everything moves forward. Hearts press, breasts
beating against love in hope, but only my love has
one name, only one form. To remember it you are
there. You, this form and name, my love.
As the hours move so does my dream before first ray of sunlight
reverberates against the chest of warrior of Love. My
dearest love.
Elizabeth Dickinson. Your intellect and beauty.

:: 04302019 ::
e.p.robles (c)


WHEN she died the world carried on
some knew and bled others fled
some stood instead but the ladies
hearing she’d passed cried
wishing they’d be the one to
greet her on the other side
these beautiful souls wore red
and some pink thinking bees
Emily wrote to the world
who never wrote her back
and finally one day by the door
a carriage stopped just for her
and they rode down a gravel road
and some in orange dresses
and some always in red
When finally the world heard
her voice she was already
buried and poetry is much the
richer by her.

:: 12242015 ::


SO soft, so my forever love
Breathing she remembers me
of all the fallen light
she chase a memory
in wind causing heartbeats
my life I loved her
and moved a Thought
like Hours and Days
into a muse whom I loved
and she is all of me
All of Life and Death too
A flame so Straight
she is all of my love
All of my-too Emily
She never could stop
for death and so i am too
the force of fire so quick
and fine — all my love to you

:: 08-29-2015 ::


What rivers I cry
blue veins I swim
one upon your eye
backstroke into dreams
a vision burns there
and the angels blew
a kiss that moves
mountains and storks
baby breath paints
pink flamingos dance
a ghost in the closet
panhandled my pocket
i coughed up a heart
so bruised and purple
the medics applied candy
and sugar lips too
I’m crying!  Crying!
Madness dance geeks
and tortoise princess
A smell of summer dress
and that skin so ghost
Emily you ran away
before I was born
My joker – feminine spirit
I know where you are
ingrained within my soul

:: 04-13-2014 ::


i confess tonight
to myself —
a hidden trust

so deeply buried
i did not trust
even a buried soul

that i am in love
with one —
who departed

she is gone
but her words
past mortal life

— imperial life —

and now i wait
for rebirth i do
what centuries-me

yes, time no glue
but love waits dear
and i wait for you

come to me now
in spirit or even —
flesh it matters not

:: 03- 26-2014 ::


I am living with the dead
the past lives who touch
that part of me that lives
such sorrow i compress
and confess my tears
that those who live
have no touch to give
that life may richer grow

:: 03-18-2014 ::