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Far from me far from self
far from help like the stars
and all the props
of living large

is the hidden face
from the cruel
but smiling mirage
of eternal dreams

So i run away from my skin
far from me far from self
like a calm nest of rattlesnakes
or drowning Jesus aside passing ships

And in all despair i raise my arms
and leap into the air toward
the house that God has built
and wish upon that falling Star

far from me
far from help

:: 04-29-2019 ::


Her faith in love was a drowning fisherman
and the blood upon her lips flowing as a muleta.
But her soul as a hearth with brilliant embers
reaching upward forming a dancing vortex.

and the tears, the flowing tears of her eyes shone
brighter than a granted wish of any heart.

“Sing for me my Soul,
that God believe in me!
–hope, that periscope by inkwell
shall show me the land of my own
people that think as me.
That love as me.”

The thunderous voice of Silence
spoke and so it was and so it is!

:: 04-27-2019 ::
e.p.robles (c)


Marmara teasing, ‘do you see me?’
the black sea among
tables more empty than tombs
to yet born emperors as black tie
waiters serve solitude in peaceful
nights and to know the artist
who has sprinkled dots of fiery
light across the heavens!

Over there, the beach is empty
shall we run there together
hand in hand and heart within heart
tears of rejoice that i have found you.

:: 04-27-2019 ::


TIME forgot his pants and trolled
his minute across her face;
Space won the bet with regret
and built a house of dreams
upon a reef with roof balanced
— the territory of a stormy sky
perched with drying fish. My
Pisces in pieces drowned inside
the deeply fractured aquarium
of Aquarius.
Zoe my Zoe my Zoe
so so so suddenly!
Zodiac sign is flickeringly

:: 04-27-2019 ::


regret rides in upon a ghostly carriage

no, nothing within it’s shell but darkness

which done to me that all is equal

the driver a bald lie of pain with memories

which road i no longer ride.

:: 04-25-2019 ::
e.p.robles (c) 2019


THE world is committed to insanity;

our words stacked as skyscrapers

allow ants characters to escape
flooding water

as drowned bodies float

past the windows of office space.

:: 04-25-2019 ::
e.p.robles (c) 2019

tiny MOUNTAIN. BIG hill

tiny Mountain. Big hill. f l at lungs

won d e r f u l -~ no thing new ,,,

except age. 16th’s in n o t e s 32nd’s

and 64th’s to die at 128th’s! Ten finger’ed

or 12? my bled heart ||-> soul and broken

fingers … who EATS shattered thoughts

and pieces of tiny angry bumble bees : ghosts

with flesh. Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 yums.

dessert is Clair de Lune.

:: 04-20-2019 ::

The Silent Machine

OUTSIDE the silence the machine
E A T S my liver
screws my tender insides.
For all the failures wishing
i could not think of living
the beautiful memories
of yesterdays /i’m a failure
of tomorrows\ rolling dead
eyes in a river & thick
rooted hairs screaming |
watch the sunlight dim
in a moment all dream
time screams by(e)
dear___i knew not of you
but married twice believing
–>take/took my heart
and slung it around the sun.
OUTSIDE the machine
eats you & me. screws
our tender parts.

:: 04-20-2019 ::


IT is midnight; somewhere a storm has
overshadowed a Soul, in others, the storm
is a brilliant reprieve of false peace;
and words pour as molten gold.

A richness of undetermined wealth measured
by Spirit and not human needs.

I have become equal to fear and peace —
this i discovered with my never-closing eyes,
take away this discovery and many others
to share with all fellows. The proof of
existence is a blood-penned period at the
end of a written sigh.

And i write this previous sentence in honor
of Isidore Lucien Ducasse.

To discover your feelings have died and
the skin is a roof for a cemetery! This
pain causes me to pull upon my eyes until
they fall to the ground; and to realize
sympathy is a symphony of sensitive angels
who love us all.

To me; i love you. To everyone else, you
have been my teacher.

:: 04-16-2019 ::
e.p.robles (c) 2019


Oh my love my lord my life
give me a reason to exist!
i may not always understand
you should never doubt it
but my Heart is Strong as
all the stars in these skies
Oh my woman my Reason for Believing
your kiss is a supernovae
i died a thousand reasons
that you should never leave me
reality should believe me
Oh Love never doubt it
i will make you sure about it
of all the world’s flowers
of all the world’s colors
of all my feelings too
oh da da dada da da dada
is my Love my Lord
Love gives me the reason
to kiss the supernovae
of your burning heart!

:: 04-13-2019 ::