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Then there is Love That None have Captured

if i told the world my heart has died AND if by chance
anyone heard: a proclamation of my funeral’s commencement.

Beasts! Animals! who then! I’ve had enough of their
picturesque and drama …colors and charms.
My mind and mouth are pencil and paper and cruelty
eat light unfortunately delight for commonality
But everything moves forward. Hearts press, breasts
beating against love in hope, but only my love has
one name, only one form. To remember it you are
there. You, this form and name, my love.
As the hours move so does my dream before first ray of sunlight
reverberates against the chest of warrior of Love. My
dearest love.
Elizabeth Dickinson. Your intellect and beauty.

:: 04302019 ::
e.p.robles (c)


Tongue. Binded by intellect.
e y e s obscured by modesty
and lips tied by severity.
Sensual presence untouched
but begging love.
is poetry of my own thoughts.
what is ‘i’ have given two
mortal women my warm gift
of brilliant Love; t`hey
gave it back.
No more. the smallest
shattered pieces are bigger
than the smallest piece.
And Peace?
a cold loneliness.
Only Emily, my Emily
could understand. /her
eyes are elsewhere.
My heart with her!

:: 04-13-2019 ::


SO soft, so my forever love
Breathing she remembers me
of all the fallen light
she chase a memory
in wind causing heartbeats
my life I loved her
and moved a Thought
like Hours and Days
into a muse whom I loved
and she is all of me
All of Life and Death too
A flame so Straight
she is all of my love
All of my-too Emily
She never could stop
for death and so i am too
the force of fire so quick
and fine — all my love to you

:: 08-29-2015 ::