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the walkway across the bride dear?
we can stop mid-way to watch the
ducks float by as this day does
“Yes dear, let’s do dear.”
We stood. Mid-way and watched
the ducks and emerald-eddies
paint the moment forever within
our Hearts.

:: 07.28.2020 ::


ah, she’s in a sun-dress mood
all yellow with flowers
so blue and oh it’s so good
she has an apple-eye
strawberry mouth
singing how the sun
came on down to kiss her
and now
Ah, it feels so good
and how wishes are
like the wind and
whispers in my ear:
“you’re a lucky
heart to have her”
AH! It’s so good to
see her in a sun-dress mood!

:: 07-25-2015 ::


When we say, “save yourself”
we kiss knowing too well
like when the skies are dark
there’s a sun above
What makes us happy is
when we see rain
and dark clouds
There’s a heart inside
the locked soul of life
And we are so happy
so like when the world fades away
as our fingers fill the
space between the need
of love and I really love
how you rock and roll me
and punk my soul oh dear
Your hair is the color of
night and your eyes the sun
And between the thoughts
a sweet peach upon a branch
that I want to taste if it
makes you happy

:: 06-27-2015 ::


TO see you >like eating  paper-cut bleeding memories< secret
luminous whose soul and smile
imperviously kisses all my          timeless soul!
a silver Snail!(         here, inventing
stares like U!     ) Prince of sensitivity
a SPIRIT INK dripping    of so fascinating con-
VERSATION by vagina          I offer to bow so low
like scholars, in dusty halls of academic anemic fell
so weak after tasting the  fruit of your garden of
Eden!  Oh words be sick as I am sick –>a royal worried
for my soul:  which at best    is bestly a talent for
only poetry.
And I wish I had more chances more opportunity to chase the
heat of the sun; spliced, I’m half of what I was born
FREAK!  And the world’s blood POURS in vast amounts of tears
across the valley of missed opportunity like high school
GEEK!  FREAK!  HEAD!  no one__.

:: 06-11-2015 ::

BOX DREAM ( Schrodinger’s cat)

we speak blood-lips
lying crying. locked like-soul
inside box dreams
i swore i kept       key inside my soul
never unlocked: your
forever fears of   life like=life (cancer)
I saw fissure of lies
made me cry,
you gave orchards     a last breath
instead of my love   whose heart remains
i hate!  And surprise  is a torn ticket
to your theater of  pegged-legged hearts
and midget heart    a highness of life
i can cry upon throne     like queen of freaks
I am in front o’mirror  and say I’m the saddest
freak like most humans.
We’re a box dream  keeping Schrodinger’s
cat life — like Libra!

or make yourself real. Eat the wall
that makes you so a whore

:: 02-19-2015 ::


i’m child, singing in the briar
keeping my feet in the air
signing fairy tales aloud
nothing matters to this heart
and the woods and the birds
and the clouds and the air
all are singing back to me!
I say, ‘living is a good thing’
and the shadows chasing me
but my heart’s a-faster!
and i escape the life of you
i kiss the dirt and the bug
even the muddy waters between
my little toes – can’t you see?
just a heart untouched by hate
and the woods and the birds
and the clouds and the air
are all singing back to me!

:: 10-01-2014 ::