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EATING peach burnt skies today while aching from the pain i
caused you______ i never wished to bring a frown
or the tears that drowned our voices.

i never wished to mark your skin with my lips.
i never wished to lay you down and scream in your face —
the pain you showed in taking that fall.

i never wished to live with you, though i was living with you.
i never wished to cry out in pain over your body before,
and i sure never wanted to put you through this.

All i ever wanted was to make you happy and in doing that,
why then did you leave me?

i know that i love you no matter what,
and i know that i will always hold you close to my heart,
but today is not about the love that you have for me.

Today is about the love that i have for you, the love you gave me,
the love that i have for your Soul and for your life.

So i think i must bid you farewell and leave your eyes closed.
Until the next time when we meet.

Smile through your tears for us to be together forever.
EATING peaches burned skies today.

:: 12.12.2020 ::


my sweet precious Living
Life by a kindest Soul
before rains the Sun
does not know Tears
are small Oceans in
largest doses becomes
brilliantly sparked
my Sweet Precious
Life —
i am living spaces
as stairs climbing
two-by-two in Time
toward the Heart’s

:: 11-09-2018 ::


SOME through the brain
in much Dismay i will say
but my thoughts first
through my heart —
is how my own Life
governed by Soul
on this and every day

For some a prison
by thoughts

whose fears as bars
and regrets like walls

i say best to greet mentation
through Love and Spirit
first and foremost of all!

:: 09-26-2018 ::


PINK serenading colorish puffBLEW!
Fragile like my heart is on
this-IS most beautiful grouse moor
like evening that i must endure!

Endure i must a few caterpillars
to dance with you my pink propelled
flower-like butterfly!

Yes Robert! Yes! Butterflies are
self propelled flowers!”

To flutter someone MYHEART as you
flitter-do //that the many-who
never so much as do — to take
the time to be a butterfly too!

LIfe as a setting board has pinned
the many-most as chrysalis
— frozen like meaningless
many who never WHONEVER’ish
their way to oblivious ends.

:: 07-27-2018 ::


COCOON ~my laughter beats
tightness hidden within my
breeze-way heart!
Grandly by marble halls
and singing THOSE HEAVENLY birds
with each light: MOON & SUN
am I always loved:
the unfathomable L O V E

:: 07-01-2015 ::


BY the grandest impossible!

what asked of me,

say I: the realization

of simplest kindness

that which I have in hand

, your heart: my own

knocking upon your door

if friend then shall

you let me in?

:: 06-29-2015 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

WHAT do I miss of the older time
before the buzz and dizzy busy?
A quaint moment throughout the day
one of clarity and not dismay
When a walk meant a conversation
between my feet and cobblestone
And a tip of my hat to passerby
was just a kind and noble gesture
What do I miss of the older time…
a sense of sanity and kind humanity

:: 02-06-2014 ::


WHAT majesty the tender heart
dressed in heaven’s regalia
of red, purple and blue
morning sunrise against you

I more than once, thought
your voice a violin
sweeps me off my feet
a saintly hymn

— magnificence wrought

I tremble when you speak
hearing any chorus I agree
and quiver at the knee
Tender heart stay with me

Majestic heart
believe in me

:: 01-29-2014 ::


IF the world be held
by a thread of despair
let our love repair

Such state of disrepair
reeks injustice for life
and conjures illness

Where is the outrage
against such injustice
that derange dictate

My asylum is well
but the madness runs
and the keys it holds

My world such beauty
nature states refinement
In the end love repairs

:: 01-28-2014 ::


I innocently believe
and do so carefully
that respect for life
returns the same
— so kindly
But the evil that lurk
within the rot-hole
betray the sweet
for bitter-taste
— so blindly