Such were the words.

An old poet friend came to me, in 2010, to write poetry for a compilation I was putting together.

On that visit, he gave me a composition, the title being:

‘Silver Cord’.

I asked what the poem was about, knowing that I was going to write poetry about dying,
and a theme I was sure I wanted to explore.

He then told me that, this poem was also about the love we all hold so dear.

The poem depicts our link, from the beginning, to the end.
A relationship forged in the fire of human desire, bound together by a golden cord.

The poem is personal.

As the love-connection is inter-twined in the poem, it also represents my own.

The poem reminds me, at every opportunity, to love, and even if you never see your loved one again, you still hold them in the golden cord of love.

I am so glad, in my final days, that I can tell you all that I have loved and have been loved by; that love and that love will always be a part of me.

I had often wondered why the end of life happens in the way it does; why a person can die in the arms
of someone they loved, and know that they were loved.

But the poem has answered that question, and reminded me that the end is only the end, when we love.

Our life is just the beginning, our love is a golden cord, which links us all, and there is a joy and a love that goes beyond any pain, beyond any worry, beyond any ending.

We find beauty, harmony, and love where no one expected.
In death, love remains a relationship, not an ending.

I hope you enjoy the poem, now that I have managed to record its beautiful melody!

You, dear life, will remain in my golden cord!

P.S. I had left the poem here on my website, a few years ago.
I feel, it is time to bring it back.
I am sorry if this message seems cryptic.
It is my final gift to you.
My love to all my family and friends.

P.P.S. A special thank you, to my close friends.
You are the only ones who know the truth!

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