An indulgence is granted, on those dark days
when the moon is low, those long nights when a
human heart is starved of light:
and pleases guests with a Wine-Swilling charm;
your thimbleful will mellow your tongue and distill bliss.

But when the Silver Ox-herd, his bell by his side,
Doth wail, and give himself’ drink for drink,
to drown his hunger With such thrills of bliss
as deafen him to rest, then set a jewel in the skin of a
silver deer.

Fairy Traits
Luxuriant Beauty
Exquisite Scent
Twinkling eyes

Falling from perfect blue skies.

Glowing in the Moon’s Beam
Dancing on diamonds,
Immortal in the eyes of Fairy
How we showed a way for the
better young b’cause you were
born for all the world to see
we can Live in Life and Peace.

No more wars
No more presidents
A united World of Love

And when the the children cry
we know we failed
And when the chidren cry
in Joy we Know we tried.

For all the world.;;

:: 03.02.2022 ::

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