HELLO. i am one whose ached bones
laid in the gutter with tears flowing
down toward knees — we all bleed.

Then as wild wind life came back
into me. Picking up from the spot
where you have died is hard. So hard
but the chorus of angels sing:

‘somebody help this poor fellow
who thinks he can write!’
The angels sing, “fool!”

You see i’ve no rhythm and lose
the beat but keep in time with
thoughts of this heart — everyday
life day or night
never brought home royal life |
someone says, ‘a fool’

every moment is a word to write down
someone everyone anything speaks to me
after hour after moment in soul
in spirit in a minute i seek kisses
guess they won’t fool — kissing mirror
a spirit-tool____ i don’t know

yeah yeah yeah a rock, a cloud or smile

how love drips upon the canvas of life
that moment lasts as precious love a life time

So see: i keep moving onward
breaking out from this prison cell i found myself
free shining for tomorrow so awaken tomorrow
church steeple with lost people
office workers weeping
politicians hurting to be
brave to free all people.

and i pick through these aching bones laid within
the soul of my gutter with tears flowing down
hear oh here i am alone — the one
once more i open a door through fear believing
this heart shall go on.

:: 03.16.2022 ::

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