Daily Archives: June 1, 2022


asking what’s love?
wait a moment…
how love is now
I love you and then…

the truth of breath and body too-hurry-and-wait
face-tilt to feel the softest of loving flesh / ocean life
on my lungs as I grieve its absence

stay now while your heart hums over and over
the dream of sun-filled bloom never fully bloomed
but come each day to touch this eye/
each time it shall move to wishful sleep”
What dreams sweet life soul
that Earth soil so wet-dew that-touching
tears/feelings my council doubt this dream
but release thee budding light this day
such philosophy stab thy heart love now
skip treacle and grail passion fuel thou vessel
tickle-being spur now and truth in heart bleed red
Now and breath push you rhythmical lover ~~
you gave me the reason in this moment of Springtime
Lips asking what’s love? Wait a moment…
Love now.
I love you.

: 05.31.2022 ::