Daily Archives: June 22, 2022

Morning’s Passion

And when morning is upon you

It’s like a blessing from God

Hear His voice, He will speak your thoughts

He gives the heart a reason to sing His praise

Who could this save but You through the One

Whose Name we long to speak

Hear the voice of His Spirit, Holy Spirit

Sing His praise for all

And we praise the morning dew and all the world

We praise the heart and soul! Like the first

morning’s petals flowered. Praise for life,

praise for the morning and a passion for Life!

:: 06.22.2022 ::

The Lost Love and Never Loved

FROM lost love and never loved
From schoolmates, dreams with the truest and the dullest
to those who were and those who might have been
to all the boys and girls all the present and all the past
from those who have it all to those who have nothing, so
they’ll have to make it

To all the righteous, without care of, for, to those with purpose
those who love, those who don’t from the moment we were born
to that time of dreams; a brother to that sister
the others, all of us.

I have a dream
I have a dream
I have a dream

Imagine what it would be like if we were one
To think that love is…
Yes it is
We have had enough of hate
Of violence and crime
Of tearing families apart
Of letting too many drop out of school
Of not getting a good education
Of not having hope
Of having a chance for success
Of caring, and giving, and Love

So that the words and the worlds
Would know that it is possible
That all we need is love
So that the demons and the monsters would see that it is
the path of light, and there is no need to fear.

All from lost love and the never-loved.

:: 06.22.2022 ::

Bifurcated Thoughts

WHAT is that __
                I am sad or happy]\
? “come on…” talks like a possum
oh Karma arrested police makes me feel\
  –? if it’s what you feel;  if it’s
what Kings and Queens dealt;  oh Night
camera-pareidolia / its what we eat
and what we digest in memories }}oh
forever i lost myself inside time
and space || many little ones \ oh
forget and forgive religion and
all sense of self –P{r}etty\
flesh cave inside the world.

And the world keeps on raining
all the graves opening to begin

: 11.07;2021 ::

Coughing Coffee Beans Next to Books

DID you see that girl in the corner? Next to the books and coffee beans?
Coughing i only smelled the aroma of brilliant coffee like old pages
of a book of sleeping poetry. I felt warm never looked away
so-bent warning (traveling this far) better to say i’m sentimental___(
going through my head amour than this feeling flutter-flying butter
pie. Dropping me to the wooden floor like a devil to it’s knees.

Parapluie above my head (oh my) a heart of paupiette yea oh yea.
All these doors checked ; locked kitchen quiet and dark / dishes
washed: pets fed and plants watered.

Oh romanichel heart. For the world.

Swollen lips – un bisou!

She (the one who loves me and does
not have a physical body) gave: sa suce!

Pink Throated Bird Singing

WHAT of THAT thing called LOVE?
  i hear/ feel / and weep. What then?  That dare?

To become less than me?

I adore the music of the birds singing but they –\
not for me // How it stings my skin and heart watching and hearing
the freedom of song   within those distance trees is not me – no, never.\
I am caught!  

But my heart sings.  It sings as the birds are so free!

Those! Them among tall trees!

I am (say, like I lost my direction) and say whatever or worse but if I
ever lose my faith in you there’s nothing left to lose).

:: 09.18.2021 ::

A Moment of Time Within a City in Hot Summer

         A HOT SUMMER keeps my feet moving 
    BLUE WHALES never know how to do dancing
   summer days but it's alright you know it's

all right i say to the ocean life

         CRAZY ways how people cope within
        precedents of their behavior
       the beggar and the banker alike
      holding out eager hands for money
     but the street walk cooks the ankles of
    women and skaters in shorts -- but it's alright

Boy with a slinky drops his toy oh oh oh
down the Fairlane it goes passing by pedestrians
worshipping shopping and bus routes along the way

oh ah oh ooh — slinky don’t go / down a city drain
and into the labyrinth of under belly Souls.

Faith baY-baY-bee.

:: 06.22.2022 ::

Tiny Hands of Unborn Babies

HURRAY for the unborn baby
such light inside the womb
Such delight for mother
a great gift to the world

If’s there anyway love helps
it’s love within itself

SORROW for the child
that never makes it through
laid to rest before they
know what to do — lost souls

I say war is not on soil
but within the minds of those
who take a tiny hand and throw
it away ~~ i see your soul
, it’s kinda frayed and i know
your pain upon this plane of life
but what’s this life for?

To spread love and tears of joy
To give life a purpose
To cherish the unborn.

:: 06.22.2022 ::

Sand Castle Within a Storm

THROUGH the valley of time
across the sphere of space
watching light dissipate
i still recall the taste
of the fallen tears from
your mouth ringing within
my heart ~~ lapping up
crashing waves of despair

How the most favorite dreams
of you wash ashore inside my head
I keep them all within my box
of cedar wood / thinking of just
one thing — souls make this happen
and sometimes i wish it’d go away.

this thing’s slowly ebbing me away
as a sand castle caught within
a storm.

:: 06.22.2022 ::


SHE has a dream
He has the debt
She always has what she gets
He’s a dreamer in the ditch
He’s a pauper that never regrets
Together, smiles and frowns
Tagging along are universal clowns

He never said, “I do.”
She said, “Whatever it takes.”

Into the mist as they forget
it’s all for love and little kittens

She has a puppet string to my heart
He has the gold of a different kind.

Beat me outta my sleep
Beat me outta my sleep
Beat me outta my sleep
Beat me outta regret.

:: 06.22.2022 ::