Daily Archives: June 8, 2022


i slip through dreams
 — one foot inside here
another there |  wondrous
sights and loving moments
while i dream | i whisper
“tis only a dream.”
Wondering where i am:there
.  upon my fears and wishes
and lust and forgiveness.
is where i dream there.
Or maybe here.  or both.
I dream.  slipping through
life — both feet within
wishes and hopes.

Is where i dream.

:: 06.08.2022 :: 


BEING small is not a large master
the fuge of ugly plucks strings
and dower lips with spit sing

My desert of flat thoughts
and dry springs wept while
creating dust devils of love

Never practicing to lose father
nor mother as they died before
I could ever love them

–I smelled a red rose next to
the Middlemist Red. As my own
heart we bled. Sunrises and


:: 06.08.2022 ::


i Hear no where that i have been
i see everything i have felt
that which encloses me because
they are all too near.

Clear and silenced.

i have traveled further than
all human experience but
your gentle gesture i cannot
touch as your love is too close
that i have closed myself as
a convicted Soul — that i cannot
touch because too near // that
i have closed myself your breath
skilllfully and mysteriously opens
as petals. Mysteriously and suddenly
opens me everywhere — that which
no other humans can preceive in
fragility. Across Earth’s countries
rendering Love.
i speak of only what I understand within
me that is deeper than all Voices (no body)
not even the rain. Your hands touching
my heart.

:: ~ ::