Daily Archives: June 16, 2022


I tell. I reach. You can try to give me peace. I am in deep mud. Hypnotized.
Inside. A reaching called trying. I’m in love with poetry so wonderful
each word brings me to my knees.

It’s a miracle of hysteria — I don’t need love so I believe when Love opens
wide —– from leaving me; i want to know tonight if you can stop this feeling
oh this fire — a spiritual healing of loving in mysterious feelings.

Oh babe.
When you’re near.

i’m in love! Each word takes me to my knees. I’ve got to know tonight if these feelings
are mysterious hysteria — so magical and mysterious i start to put hand on pen and
write. Words.

Like my dreams — of her. When you’re near. Strawberry ice cream yeah — you can hide,
a one-way street. I hold and open wide ; take me in my head / leaving \ so stop
this fire of a magical mysterious feeling (it’s a miracle seeing you in my dreams)

Can you understand believing (i see you) hysteria when you’re near.

I lean into you – you hide. Oh! You’re alone tonight and can we stop this feeling of Poetry?
So magical and mysterious.

Wo we beat on, writing words against the current of life, bearing against
past life.

:: 06.15.2022 ::


SHE was white and pale working cooking, cleaning, looking after
children and spinning.

Producing large quantities of thread from wool and falx to weave into
clothing — bedding bags, sails and other items.

With a distaff tucked in your belt, it was easy to pause your spinning while
performing another chore like stopping spinning just long enough to feed
chicks and an enormous hen.

He met her in a meadow and fell in love with her.  She, her glory was much more.
Love then controlled by reason in the 1500s but the rise poetry of Coutry Love became
a highly spiritual desire by the God of Amor.

How love you were.  With golden wheat hair and thin fingers and a brilliant mind.

:: 06.15.2022 ::