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THE WERELINGS (Kitchen Scene)

LOSING myself within a cupboard  
a universe so far away
Our kind so small and lit
within our Souls is our kind
I found the physics of it
to find humans.

Oh.  How a bridge is so kind
saw a human eating marshmallow
pies — i pulled back my
machine to report.  

And I see how we’re dying.
These ‘humans’ are tearing
down the ‘kitchen’ called
renovation.  Destroying
trillions of our kind.

:: 06.10.2022 ::


IN my eyes i see nothing
comes the ghosts of life
The sun comes burning
Secret elders of seven
look down and judge me

Upon a stone of iron
i struck with my heart
my hand on the sword
my love within my heart
a traveler of sweet words

All to be revealed.

To build a tower to skies
strong we were making life
and another Voice spoke
saying, “ooh. What they
can do if we allow them.”

And the Spirit of Love
touched each heart of
our men — we confused
speaking different
and the sun lost our eyes

As i screamed i said
oooooooh oooooooh
father you confused us.

Lost in creativity and
in insanity by the river
of autumn leaves ~~~~
so the four winds of
fear came and brought me
into the celestial sphere.

:: 06.09.2022 ::


WE could see that we were moving past several rooms where the patients were also moving around, going in and out of their rooms. Many of the old ones were falling asleep, but a few more were talking to their nurses as they went along. When we passed their rooms, they would say something in that low, lost manner that only the demented can ever manage. It was very disconcerting to think of all these people wandering around in the hallway like this. It was as though the hospital was a bad dream, or a village in the Carpathian mountains, or like the field of a small town where the old women doze in their rows.

It’s once a life time and same as it ever was.

We were walking up the stairs when I realized that Valerie was holding my arm. “Is something wrong?” I asked.


We came into a new and smaller room, and Miss Norris was in the chair by the window, eating toast from a tattered and spotted plate. “Hello, Annie,” she said to me, closing the book on her lap and folding her hands on her lap.

“Hello, Miss Norris,” I said. “Are you going to eat?”

Miss Norris looked up at me, her eyes narrow, but without animosity. “Yes,” she said. “I am.”

It’s the same as it ever was. It’s the same as it ever was.

:: 06.09.2022 ::


THAT i exist ; shall i taste pain,
for Earth and stone, singing for air,
mud, wind, and coal?

My backside is torn. A form
        of hungry creatures
sampling my honey heart;
        weeping in tears.

A thought can break rock
priests and politicians
only on paper.  Rivers that
move pebbles in water
leaving paths unknown.

My knees upon forest green
at night by moonlight
the wolves howl beneath
the leaves leaving plumes
o’ breath:  i — like them
consume myself.

:: 06.09.2022 ::


Ocean waves speak to me after a long travel

submersed fish kissing me when you’re hungry

Atlantic clouds rain ships have set a course

toward my shores and your thoughtless words

have broken my bow breaking my heart

A hidden philosophy freezing my soul out in this Ocean

and these games are tearing me apart / coast guard

brave team who try to save this soul ~~ but the ocean

knows our sails and ropes

So to pray  is to nature or God or to another One

but when it comes who will save your Soul.

:: 06.09.2022 ::