Moth Balls In Drawers

LOST dreams slide insensibly toward madness of dreams — you close your eyes
shut your wooden windows to life ~~ your dialated eyes drowing in a violent ocean.

Mister, you forgot your hat but now days no one wears them good day Sir.

Oh, froth from your mouth falls pouring the overflow of your head without moorings
of your paralyzed tongue. How you got me thinking, “wasting my time.”

Outside your heart the citizens of a lost world await tensed up toward your hallucinations.

You let me down.

If we had a world of our own, everything would be nonsense ~~~ so way way down inside

Curiouser and curiouser! Rabbits and Cats oh whoo!

We were fooling then like double death swift dying of mingled breath an evaporation of unknown
strange perfume between souls in a naked room called Love ~~

a telephone.

And still I ask are you the same? How are you feeling? Don’t you realize the things we
talked about like dreams — i’d brush summer by with half my smile so half spurn.

Housewives do, a Fly they do like black magic.

If i look into the skies I could with you within a year. I’d wind months into balls and put them
separted into drawers by centuries, delayed.

Subtracting, wondering why (that you were mine, I was never yours in time-twilight) i’d toss it yonder, like a defunct mind and choose Eternity.

Okay. So you never answered and I let it ring a bit longer.

Like the shadows of forevermore that will not speak, “it stings.”

Oh wap doo duh hop no side dreams between telephone lines.

Oh, hot wax on my third eye it left a mark ~~ it’s how I knew I could have loved you.

:: 07.07.2022 ::

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