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O no, though flames come bowing from heaven,
if my objects should vanish, cool sea’s surrender
should somehow dismember my dreams
my green branches shall grow not over misty mountains,
as clouds that before the wild thunder fly, but rather
within obscuring clouds, where lightning play
is never quick, nor brightness destroys.

O no! I will henceforth think with clarity,
and question with boldness, and speak my love
with courage to match my love: this much i do even
now — Love.

:: 07.05.2022 ::

As Before Then Again

As before then again after marriage
of true hearts / i have given all \
when alters as alteration finds
or disbelieves whilst my heart bleeds
to believe / bends bewildering curves
of thoughts: O no! not as ever-fixed mark
which cut memories across minds…
and Love spent across priceless time
as time is no fool, that youth consumes
unimaginable errors forgotten in age :
to bear it even out into doom___
as scribe’s writ and error proved
i never approved.

:: 07.05.2022 ::

A Hundred Poems – XC – The Art W(h)ORE(E)LD

whilst others are possessed by it!

One is a gift and the other potentially
a fatal disease of spirit and soul.


A Hundred Poems – XCIX – Feathers & Pennies

I followed a      


a       l  

   l    i    

   n    g


toward the ground along the twist  

 -ing-twirl    -ing >dizzy<       | path |

I found a penny which held no thoughts together the feather and copper bone

fell upon an anvil cloud of striking stone!

:: 08-05-2014 ::

Then Shall I Knell

Now listen to me, my Lover; is there love as sweet as love this?
Then lo! wither thou art, there in that far wall
a single flower is frozen, and through the hole is a voice.

See her pretty breast, whereon there kisses I beat,
till from the wall I hear her song on the steps.

Is it I?—no, but it’s my own.

I have never known thy love;
I have never said that I loved thee;
But now the walls that kept her apart
have let me in, and I can say it.

At the sight of it all
the tender thoughts of love
of that sad flower
Come and they tread
Upon the blooming thoughts of me.

Now I hold the flower,
and play with her rosy lips;
I kiss the blade of thorns,
I seize the stem,
and press my lips against the petal.

It is not my flower, it is not my love;
It is but her sadness and her grief.

I hold it and let it go.
We are equal in tears:
And this sad flower
When it is once freed
Shall come and say
How sad she was!

Again I kiss her stem,
And pass from the courtyard.

And then shall I knell.

:: 07.05.2022 ::

The March of Love’s Death

But, alas! Thou canst never, for Death strikes up against thee too mighty blows; of to-morrow
it is nearer thy sakes than thee know, which be the answer when thou hear it.

And on it the lowest, the lowest, and henceforth, is none else to blame, they say,
for their hot blood; none can love, none can save, but thou. All must fight for itself,
some must sit it out of its own will; all must end in Death’s grimy hand, the elder’s power’s last degradation. It’s no fault in me if I be no help;

O, it is to thy great good it is, by failing to help me, to cure thee.
Neither thus was thy arm bent, when it fell, that, at the last, slew thee as Nature’s price,
to never again to swing a sword to fight, till some day after Death, Death gives his throne,
Till then save thyself!

:: 06.05.2022 ::

Hitman Jesus

He got on his donkey, brushed its shoulder with his hand, sighed and he said, “God bless the earth!”

It just blew him away when he woke up and started laughing.

Well, I’m going to hell.

“Uh huh. Jesus? What’s your name?”

“My name is… what’s yours? C’mon, it’s no big deal, I’m not here to save the world. I just wanted to make a quick buck on my vacation. If you guys can get through this [fake evil laughter]… what can I do for ya?”

“No, we’re not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do. But we need some proof. It’s a simple thing. You have to kill a guy.”

“You sure this is the same crap you came up with?”

“Yeah, all that’s been said has been said, we got your back. Only you can’t kill the guy. No one can. He’s already dead.”

“Really? I thought there were cameras and all. I mean, I didn’t know about this.”

“There’s no cameras.”

“But they know something happened, you have to tell him we’re coming.”

“Well, how would I find the guy?”

“Find him yourself. Then I’m coming back in.”

“Really? Ok, I’ll do that, you bet. Ok, what’s the plan? What’s gonna happen?”

“We’re gonna sneak into his house and do the deed.”

“Oh, really?”

“Really. Come on now, my donkey needs to go home, he’s exhausted. You guys go ahead, I’ll meet you back here tomorrow night.”

All of a sudden, a voice boomed through the silent night air.

“Hey, don’t do this. You’re gonna get us all killed!”

“Who’s that?”

“You’re gonna pay. You’re gonna pay for what you did to me. I’m not dead yet. I’m coming back and you’re gonna die!”

A couple of dudes laughed and broke off a piece of wood. They went over to the guy.

“Here, you just kill him with this. Then we’ll hang him in the yard.”

“Ok, thanks a lot.”

They went to get the rope.

And then another voice boomed through the night air.

“You’re gonna have to kill him first. He’s not dead yet. I’m coming back.”

“Oh, really? Well, I’ll kill him. But first I need a smoke.”

Jesus walked to the edge of the porch, lit up a cigarette and listened to the laughter. And then, there were no more voices at all.

Everyone stopped laughing and just stared at the one man, waiting for him to speak.

Finally, a voice boomed through the night air.

“Don’t kill him. I’m coming back. You’ll get us all killed.”

“Oh, really? Well, what do you want? We can’t just let you walk all over us. I need to know what the hell you want before I kill you.”

The voice came back to life.

“I want to be the judge of what happens to you. I’m coming back.”

“Really?” Jesus was getting a little tired of this.

“Yes, really. You’ll regret this, you’ll see.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll regret this. I’m coming back. I know what I’m talking about.”

“If you know what you’re talking about, how come you’re not the one in charge?”

“That’s simple. I’m coming back. And the person who’s leading this whole town has got to be punished.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you know, I’m on my way back, and the next time I’m on the night shift I’ll be doing the night watch, right in the house that’s being prepared for you guys. See you tomorrow night. Goodbye.”

The footsteps faded away. The peat smoking stick was smoked out and left to burn in the darkness of the night air. Jesus stood there for a moment and stared into the dark night.

“Ok, the only way out is to kill him.”

He turned back to the others. “Guys, we have to do this.”


“I don’t know, but we’re going to do it. I have to, I can’t have them taking revenge.”

The guys left in a rush, probably trying to collect their cattle for the night.

And Jesus sat there alone, just staring at the darkness.