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The Deepest River of Love

Don’t want to leave. I can feel you so close to the right side of my soul.

But I feel how you stole my vision, drove me from myself so you can fill
your meaningless world. our only child | i forgot how love felt when i became devoured by horror with a hand, a soul. i got you to agree.

~~ she went into the front door

~he sent me to a place i never knew

the skies were bleeding blood

~~ she left me alone to deal with our youngest child

~~ i now wander alone.

Within the darkness and my soul.

Drowning inside my strong will and I can’t break free.

The deepest river of love ~~~ is good enough for me.

:: 07.11.2022 ::

Two Story Horror House

An Afternoon upon a pained wooden foot
walking to my home inside a monster
who hurts hearts /  a child grown \
who waits for me there like a storm
i went into the front door
  he sent me to a place i never knew
the skies were bleeding blood
~~ she left me alone to deal with
our youngest child |  i forgot how
love felt when i became devoured
by horror

   I now wander alone.
In your eyes do you see love?  
I honestly believe you died years
ago inside your own storm and
never asked for help from me.

Crushed me.  With things you did.
Not what I did to you.  Watching
me die and how you must have smiled.
Hating your choices but never mine.

But I still breath.

:: 07.11.2022 ::

Sognare il Cuore Dell’Amore

Non morirò finché non avrò vinto! La mia fantasticheria è come una febbre, sulla quale prendo la forma di un uomo addormentato.

Giù, quindi, a un castello maestoso, con mura dorate e scale di marmo; un maledetto pazzo è morto,
il cui occhio è sull’oro.

Là, sul pavimento intriso di sangue, sono bianco come il peccato di un profeta prima che ti temo.

Delicata, delicata è la nebbia bianca intorno alla mia spalla! E ogni volta che alzo lo sguardo e guardo l’occhio caldo, lì, una fiamma di fiamma.

Una notte vi vedo una forma orribile, un gigante mostruoso, un pallido cavallo della notte che galoppa,
su, su va, in cupa agitazione, tra le spesse mura nere.

“Cosa vedi, dio?”

«Un nemico del castello che è mio.
In nome di Dio, vieni da me!

Ti desidero.

Dalla tomba e per il cielo vado a lui; là, dove si esauriscono i raggi
di luce a mezzogiorno, nascerai! Tu nascerai!

Quanto sono forti le grida!
Che batteria!
Il mare bolle!
Sei nato!
Com’è doloroso il parto, e com’è dolce la nutrice, che nutre la fanciulla!

‘Tu nascerai!

Sognare il Cuore Dell’Amore(Dreaming Heart of Love)

I will not die until I’ve won!

My reverie is like a fever, on which I take the form of a sleeping man.

Down, then, to a stately castle, with golden walls and marble stairs; a bloody fool is dead,
whose eye is on gold.

There on the blood-soaked floor, I am white as a prophet’s sin ere I fear you.

Delicate, delicate is the white mist around my shoulder! And e’er I look up and glance the hot eye, there, a flame of flame.

One night I see in it a horrible shape, a monstrous giant, a pale horse of night that gallops on,
up, up it goes, in grim agitation, among the thick black walls.

‘What do you see, god?’

‘An enemy of the castle that is mine.
In God’s name, come to me!

I desire you.

From the grave and through the sky I go to him; there, where the beams run out
of light at noon, thou shalt be born! Thou shalt be born!

How loud are the shouts!
What drums!
The sea is boiling!
Thou art born!
How painful is the birth, and how sweet is the nurse, who nurtures the maiden!

‘Thou shalt be born!

:: 07.11.2022 ::

This Life is Wonderful

This Life is Wonderful

FALLING DOWN into a rabbit hole
where Alice went !~!

Hold my hand my child / into
the unreal and where nothing
is a place to be hung about \

It’s a place where all sadness
is erased by the tears of love.

Oh always sometimes you think
sometimes it’s me but you know
i know it’s just a dream and
a beautiful kiss for you and me.

Where tall trees dance and sway
saying ‘It doesn’t matter to me’

God of Love and High and Low speaks
says, “It’s not too bad” follow
the children into the field
where they disagree ~~~

And believe this Life is Wonderful.

:: 07.11.2022 ::

I Once Touched The Stars Above Me

IF i could make a wish for anything your smile would be the one i would wish for life.

How peaceful without a breaking heart i’d wish.

If peace came upon me / i would wept and never sleep and how wonderful
sleep use to be \ believe me.

You are the canvas of beautiful strokes of a brush so silently
sometimes all i need is all the beauty i see in you my sweetness.

The wonderful world all with you.

Sometimes all i need is the breath
your breath inside of all of me.

And if you should leave me i would
say how wonderful life could be.

Can the world show anything to me
if i’m living without you.

How wonderful Life is with you
and how wonderful if you left me
that showed me love once in life.

How God showed me what Love is
How God gave me the moment in time
that gave me a reason to live Life.

:: 06.11.2022 ::

Sip My Soup Alive

I’m butterfly with burning wings excommunicated customer in life
just space-age defender inside white hole moon lady ~~ just
monkey grown into man so  keep neurological thoughts
stuffed inside leather pouch and feed me media lies so i can
sleep at night

/ like the spirits who came before me \

All inside psychological energy outside wavelengths of spiritual
technology are the hearts of honesty

     One light loves music
     One light adores poetry
     All Souls love Life

Immeasurable pinpoints of feedback scream best and worst of life

Walking on the white beach i met the prophet of words and echoed
sounds inside a conche so we danced by a ocean fire eating
herbs that blew our minds

Hey you, big mover guide me to shelter cause you devour all the sex and sound
of voices

I think God has moved into a larger apartment to contain these thoughts
(i want amore) it’s shape is a tool, a device so divine — a savior
I look up toward skies, but my eyes burn.

i’m savoring kissing savior love it love it love me love it
suey suey suey sip my soup alive.

:: 07.10.2022 ::