Daily Archives: July 4, 2022

When I Was God

WHEN i was God i dreamt i was a child
i dreamed of flowing rivers
and a youthful love called Lilly
When I was older than Light
i became flesh and told to wait

When i was older within flesh the voice said, “wait.”
An act of divine.

I prayed in pain — it hushed me.

I burned the scrolls they called Holy.

And i took the creature’s hand I created

a spot, the piece of mud, now your land.

Now almost perished from the Earth.

:: 07.04.2022 ::


a strung-out song (oh pity one down another to go)
a pit-angel trap (if you know what i mean)
green as money without feeling sang the fat
evil thought ramming inside the white cave of my dilapidated

Where we never sense measure.

How can any artist sell out for fame
is beyond me. do -did-itty-did-diddy-uptown-
so-lay claims to the Evil One called small soul!W

i know i must be mentally unwell
but need for money was never the cause
for my derangement.

I blame my dreams.

My dreams are OUROBOROS.

A divine pain. Inside my throat. Beneath
my head inside my stomach.

Di 00-itty-diddy \did/did/\did itty so good
bye now (hello white and yellow)__

:: 03.18.2022 ::

Strange Claims Adjuster

My Sweet Lover of ages / the Strange Claims Adjuster
of mysterious poses \ within a world so cold
making pink ice cream ponies,
How we scream sometimes at each other and spit in
the frozen air /touch me if you will upon my stomach
where all butterflies are tied
up \ —-> i met the corner
with the skin of my soft hip
and sanguinolency masterbation
spread outward into the castle
where we went || deep inside
the body of our MIND
ABYSSOPELAGIC lust! Oh okay,
the next morning we went hunting
(after that funky time) for panacea.

She took me within her arms with
more than two eyes burning inside
(the lights went out) I fed her
special green grass and she sang,
“Taradiddle” oh wicked __ nikki.

I spoke a word, “
Mercy” but i could never buy my
Life back with any money ||

Kisses mellifluous while watching
syzygy align!~ We grind.

:: 07.03.2022 ::