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Butterfly Few Ing

butterfly   flewing
serene immediate romance
whose vast function being
tenderness (believably
small) –fed babies eyes
grasping perpetually acruise
of yessing mouthing proto-
words learning life
butterfly landing
of handpicked glory by god
upon her skin thrill’d
mechanically vicariously
ughhug wind-kissing palm
her muchMouthed way.

:: 04.12.2022 ::

A Hundred Poems – C (White Space Detours)

A Hundred Poems – C (White Space Detours)

I ride the path by mouth and nothing more!
The pen is dried and tears have taken a road by south.
Who should feed my vagrant words they starve at day
and flee by night!

And detours, forked by white Spaces and pregnant pauses
give birth to tiny doubts upon my ink!

I watch the children drown there.

A fountain in the square of town is where I dip my quill,
and the Crier shouts,

“Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!”

Remember all the good souls!

:: 1979 ::

O Bluedark Why Lasting

O blueDark why lasting Ever!

Splish-as-echoic budded by
her beautiful i’s is wise When
upon bleeding last drop’s light ~

my life Chord shivers burning icePass-
shouldn’t we kiss each other’s fireBornMoods
before d r i pp ing Time

drops squenchPinch this moment.

? IF.

by fire!

:: 04.22.2022 ::

All the Flowers Died That Day

WATCHED the clock upon the wall and how it’s hands shook me.
It has been years since you left me.

I watch the skies wondering
if the clouds speak to me.

Oh since that moment when the ground fell apart
i felt there’s nothing oh nothing
that can make me feel better
like a river under a bridge
without sure footing /

It’s been several days \ since i touched
the fabric of your favorite dress
and how life took you away
and now that you’re gone there’s nothing
i want any longer.

If i had a pet, that dog would cry
cause there’s nothing to fill this void.

Got the call at the doorstep
when the police came giving me the
death sentence of where life went wrong.

i placed my arms around the trooper
weeping saying, “I went to the drug store
and she went for a jog.”

“Nothing compares to a deep pain without
a remedy sir.” Said the officer with a tear
in his eyes.

I drew away.

It’s been so long without you here.
I console myself with a ringing song
inside my heart telling me, “Where did
life go wrong?”

This lonely tears falling singing, “why did life go wrong?”

Well, it’s just life. And another knock upon
the door but just another fool ~~ i opened
it and saw someone with brilliant light
telling me there’s more to life and just wait
just wait you will see son.

:: 07.07.2022 ::

I drew away.

Jesus, I drew away. All the flowers she planted
in the backyard have died. But I will give it
another try but never with Love. Dear. Never.

:: 07.07.2020 ::

Matura Artis Magistra

My Kindness is the world’s Goliath
used against me,
oh my Spirit
oh my Weakness
is nihil filled by
Light and Love.

My enemies are none —
for they are already
taken from my path.

Those fallen whom I dearly love.

Nature; the teacher of all Art!

Takes it’s time to shine bright.
Shedding tears to make a smile;
how i thought of you especially
when i was not sure but there’s
no doubt you’re within my heart now.

How love wishes to speed up time
but take it slow and you and i
write stories of sadness and pain
but through Life we can make it.

:: 11-26-2016 ::

[Nature is the teacher of art]

My Name is Vengeance

BENEATH death you will find my name
it’s behind merciless eyes you’ve seen
how golden guns and bullets share
timeless moments inside these dreams
it’s been seen by glorious faith

And how i gave love to death
And now it’s all lies

If you must see me protect yourself
arm yourself with angels from on high

Arm yourself with luck
as fate runs through these veins

How evil runs away from vengeance
when the one with ice in his eyes
chases you ~~ you know my name:


is the name.

:: 07.07.2022 ::

My Personal Hell

YOUR HEART without passion
your cellar without a door
your kindest eyes
ruthless color
stabbing my heart
without leaving traces
towards Heaven with haunting voices
is my personal hell.

:: 07.07.2022 ::

After Life Services

[Everything…Everything…Every Sense…]

Beautiful canvas beautiful skin
arrested smiles
burgeoning love
seeping into me

oh, come on, karma talk
like a french lover:

“La vie est une fleur dont l’amour est le miel.”

| Life is a flower of which love is the honey
and it is making me feel ill and cloudy. |

Is this what we lovers get? Is this what lonely
hearts feel when we mix love with art?

Oh, come on, please.
Karma is not enough
i gave it up for camera.

Remembering how i felt most intense pleasure
piercing my heart upon a figural stone shaped
as a monster’s heart.

I messed objects with abstract thoughts
and lost myself which became more real.

and everything and every sense and every thought
tried to devour me within a black throat of fear
and it tried plainly ~~ i use to daydream at night
and paint colors in the darkest thoughts of my
mind; everything oh everywhere and everythis
and everythat |and it tried to eat me |
i woke up believing i was right here now.

Where i threw colors within my head
where i drew deepest fears away
when i was there when you cut me with
your words/i tried to say…i tried to say
tried to say….

Love is everywhere.

:: 07.07.2022 ::

Moth Balls In Drawers

LOST dreams slide insensibly toward madness of dreams — you close your eyes
shut your wooden windows to life ~~ your dialated eyes drowing in a violent ocean.

Mister, you forgot your hat but now days no one wears them good day Sir.

Oh, froth from your mouth falls pouring the overflow of your head without moorings
of your paralyzed tongue. How you got me thinking, “wasting my time.”

Outside your heart the citizens of a lost world await tensed up toward your hallucinations.

You let me down.

If we had a world of our own, everything would be nonsense ~~~ so way way down inside

Curiouser and curiouser! Rabbits and Cats oh whoo!

We were fooling then like double death swift dying of mingled breath an evaporation of unknown
strange perfume between souls in a naked room called Love ~~

a telephone.

And still I ask are you the same? How are you feeling? Don’t you realize the things we
talked about like dreams — i’d brush summer by with half my smile so half spurn.

Housewives do, a Fly they do like black magic.

If i look into the skies I could with you within a year. I’d wind months into balls and put them
separted into drawers by centuries, delayed.

Subtracting, wondering why (that you were mine, I was never yours in time-twilight) i’d toss it yonder, like a defunct mind and choose Eternity.

Okay. So you never answered and I let it ring a bit longer.

Like the shadows of forevermore that will not speak, “it stings.”

Oh wap doo duh hop no side dreams between telephone lines.

Oh, hot wax on my third eye it left a mark ~~ it’s how I knew I could have loved you.

:: 07.07.2022 ::