Daily Archives: September 6, 2022

Ancient Desert Dunes

Lay our mines under our feet,
I’ll spread my limbs upon your street.

And you can honor my demise,
with tales of truth and other lies.

As I am the cause of delirium
case of decay
which is the end of all desires,
And forgive me Lord, as I am flawed,
to never pity those who pity me
as I suffer torments of my heart
and grow less as more I see.

As I am a fully grown mouth
which wishes to scream
a reason so absurd,
a diamond who rarely shines,
are these empty words.

:: 09.06.2022 ::

T HI S     IS b roKEN

OUCH________oh.  StOp!
Today in the crevases of an ancient tree  i met a gnome who had a baseball cap
His name was Furry Bees     And his friend had her head inside the
ground__yeah, I asked:  where am i?
Where am I?
    The forest was cool and dark  and the deer stood away.
   Elemental waters swimming       With my head inside the air
and a body gone I asked myself where am I?  My feet inside crystal
mud a bug poked his head out and said, “after there.”

Nonsense.  If I am not here then how
can I be there?  I asked myself.

“you are on your way and the only weapon
is a healthy brain against reality.”

But my head is dead I said!
And forever gone.

Now inside a something which I say is
nothing as a human someone said a something
that I did not begin to understand

“I don’t see how he can ever finish, if he doesn’t begin.”

Appropriately I must say  Alice is dead and all the cats
have run off.

:: 09.06.2022 ::