Daily Archives: September 8, 2022

Continued Existence

Tell me not, in mournful numbers,__
what sentient life is
But tell me love is enjoyable
For untold dead dream
and us, the living wish
to know

That goal is not death within
a grave but that flesh and bone
to leave us alone

Ascending towers with enjoyment
and never sorrow
to dust we leave behind legacies

and act, that each to-morrow
__find us farther away
from this dreadful Dream we
call ‘life.’

That continued existence.

:: 09.08.2022 ::


Left life   ?  then again
in a shadow i dreamed
 i touched your hair
         Inside a castle
Once a knight i dreamed
   then cancelled all flight
staying here for you statue
  Summer dream deep inside
solid winter mud  i stayed
  listening to the creep
of time ten thousand fold
  only to dig out upon
the land ~~~ Gorgo!  Is one
name but call me Medusa :
within living venomous snakes in place
of hair.  Turn to stone turn to stone
if I have no love for you
 | you wish upon that star — why is
it you never cared?  ~~~ you turn
(in universal mind) to stone____
never tell me what to do!

:: 09.08.2022 ::

Pluto, Scorpio & 8th HOuse

HEARD the dust speak behind a whore house
full of women loving bondage men
wild cards play out with king of hearts
spade of Queen
fetus between knees

Pluto, Scorpio the 8th house.
how stupid & contagious
  dark relations
screaming hello
and karma!  Fame of life.
Talented  and sure
talent praised for a time
In a life time by generations
Kendra-Trikona! Hello oh hello.

Singing over lips
M-E-P-P-R-I-C-T is the hymn of the lord.

May all the cosmos around & behind us
answer & be answered by the whole universe
where’s our Sun?


:: 09072022 ::

A Walk Through the Furnace of Desert

i beg my feet.
  three steps then water.

Dreaming of a river with
silt that flows / as my
joints and bones \
become purple yellow
as the dying sun
  tasting smooth-cool
creek’s liquid with
  sweet heavy dew
which feeds God’s
heavenly garden.

My gaping mouth refuses
as my Soul is quenched
by my Lord’s tears.

:: 09.07.2022 ::

Who Weeps For Whom

The world is beautiful.

The arche of Tutis weakens
by the fire of unrelenting time!

As embers cool do not weep for us
as the world is not here
it does not sleep —
as love sheaths untold dreams
as nature’s winds blow
and sight behold miracles.

A beat of a single heart
as gentle as autumn rain
the creatures of nature awaken
with morning’s hush,
 a single voice of Light
up-flinging rush
 of departed Souls unto Heaven,
is today by transcending soft
   Do not weep for me
  Do not weep for us
    we are elsewhere
  and not the dust.

:: 09.07.2022 :

Within the Syntax

Here they wander as quickly as birds in a falling dream. There they shine, hale star-springs, deep seas swaggering in their deep salt dungeon, stormying purple rolling sea mountains riding adobe gray Heuchiawerd ravines to valleys sun gushing Jochnup on caps holding and garland garland pigging greeting ones’r maar Mai &’ie trooms Auark bring Thy horns into village schost command wheal do ur rose-gnam Ol &é corner The while living be merely plink, blast pleeyest!

:: 09.07.2022 ::