Daily Archives: September 23, 2022

All of Me

LOVE and tears no sleep now.
Oh sleep, dear. Screaming words
o Princess alone in your cold room
Forgotten feelings but brilliant stars
touch this Soul who trembles with love
and hope!

So tired being here. Suppressed by my fears.
And if  i could be alone these sounds of your words
would go and erase my tears within my eternal heart
and hold on to these years wasted.

My words can never be heard | alone, a pain just
too real

My heart is a cedar box closed and lost to me.
How love shall never know my name
Precious! Close your mouth until the light shines.
And then brilliant light shall make you mine.

THIS pain is too real too much that time can
never erase /i fear i held your hands too
long \ destroyed my life.

And all of Me.

My precious love.

:: 09.22.2022 ::