Daily Archives: September 9, 2022

Angels Weep

I feared a thing untold unseen! That thing I feared within my mind!
A thing too, seen? Split by half in such unknowns AS I strove to know
what i must. Unraveled too which spilled upon the floor!

Imperfect thoughts rolled from higher ground to low!

Then reality’s curtain fell; my needle tried to stitch the past
when love was good! But life ran beyond the needle and instead stitched time
within my soul! I, cry. Oh crave to mind my own peace but thoughts
came into my mind.

Oh father! Toward my hands I give you my Spirit! Oh Father! forgive me.
i am a flesh creation weeping for the last time. So fractured in suicide.
Queen! dead! King of Life. Jesus embrace us and all our dirty skin
please forgive us for our transgressions.
Father! Mother! weakness Evil!

Fire! Birth! Life! Into my heart you have burned and taken love from my spirit
while i weep for those weaker who never knew ~~~ imperfect thoughts
And quietly heaven’s angels wept. As all creation.

Dying is righteous. If we leave flesh and blood.

:: 09.09.2022 ::

Give Love to All

Hush now and close your eyes
how i know you wish for life
how i hope you agree with me

now young heart so flower-like
tender fields of wished dreams
how i wish you dreamed as me

that clouds are pillows
oceans tears of joy
mountains like resolve

rest in peace
and remember what you said
“just give love to all.”

It’s what you showed me.

Just give love to all.

:: 09.09.2022 ::