Daily Archives: September 27, 2022

Extinct Bipedal Hairy One

Say, well.
How changes change moods.
Give me four clove leaves| forgive PTA
forgive Homeowner’s Association yea.
They trim the bushes but leave the girls alone.

And my tongue dried pink on a sidewalk
left for pretty birds to pick today
how lonely is, how lonely was
the wordsmiths of yesterday.

Lady brain____ sail toward the West
for food for brains and raise the
laviathan of deep sea wonders
: people won’t know what it means
extinct bipedal hairy ones
always attract the lonely hearts.

Tight lips /eclipse of moon\
gap in thigh but clevage wide
sings how i would love to shoot
his goo gun : across the face
of my life ~~ but now/give me
notes and words .

i am so happy that i’m so lovely
deep six feet above my ears.
And never found god.

_ . _

Psychiatrist’s Chair

VERTICAL is food ~ background: yellow
triangle knew black next to trees
roots brown lined grey i paint__
He’s the one the one who likes
to be alone and never talks
but writes words anthropomorphic
meanings yea
danger is love
bad fruit
tangerine boo
psychiatrist chair full of hair
the pink mouth devours all meaning
is what society means
hey auntie look at this
how i knew self-appointed
modern heroes i visit their tombstones
take a blade of grass to fill my pink-watered glass
How reality is truly whore screwing love and dreams
taking what’s ours leaving nothing more
You know what it means to be numeric and all
the numbers equal zero

:: 09.27.2022 ::