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While You Cried I Dried All your Tears All These Years

silent. beautiful word. how tired my heart beats
while he lays there perishing and this pain
is too real that time cannot erase I scream
please see all Fears and still abandon
all of me / because
i once shouted as your voice how this pain is
too real and time cannot erase but hold onto our
fears and our tears thorugh
out all these years ____________you
still love all of me______
how i tried to tell myself
how you are still with me
i’m no longer bitter!
but this pain is just too real
and that time can not erase |
i love your fears and your
heart all these years / but you
are dead \and all of me…
past before you by chance
of sanity ! oh HEAR how this PAIN
is so real time CANNOT erase
i scream i’m holding your hands
across of of me.

:: 10.09.2022 ::

Lacrimosa Always in Death

IF the END was a monsterous abyss and you imagined carried out corpses: the Ones passed who never
shed tears as they Never Fell Into an Abyss, do sing:

‘I love you and still living and having arrived unto Eternal Love’ then if you cry remember/
Grieving is only deep pain while i arise –what Looked Like an End is Just Sunset
as now dawn (the End), while the grave locked up, is when you are the prisoner of here — named
Human. Kind. As ever you have ever seen a new seed planted into the Earth –> called Human.

When the creation of words and souls made the quick foot –> that you Evie Loved, that Joy
we shared (defeat never, my shinning sword & steel, within your Eyes i Understood. That many of things we shared but never defeat my bold companion of love, tears, and silences. There! Only two, who speak to me; as i am their Father and they love me. My deathless courage
how then of them! And we three and my Son shall stand within the morning’s sun and we shall be dangerous!

Praise our God of Goodness and great faith
sister and brothers? Devoured now by fear and lust
of Self.

Look! Up! The Grace of Eternal Memory!

:: 10.09.2022 ::

Next Paragraph by Ancient Ravens

“There upon this most curious weirdest experience
while i napping and flapping near my bed’s
\headboard…/___i wondered as while i fought
off the horrors caused by my beating heart
:here, I open wide for all the world’s pain
and all it’s darkest peering horrors
the hidden consciousness I am and was
my heart still feels a wrapping-tapping
upon my skull :my world: upon my chamber’s
door perched. by breathing, speaking and lusting
near my chamber’s door ~~ came the twinkle-twinking
night’s sharp shore.”

:: 10.09.2022 ::