Daily Archives: October 13, 2022

Bonnie Lass

My bonnie lass | My bonnie lass
I called to you I cried
I ran I wailed
I crossed the blue blood
The desolate sand___

I lay you on the dry grass
I laid you here in these windswept woods
in this desolate wood my love
My beautiful lass You don’t like me
You don’t want me I can hear your voice.
No, that’s wrong.

I see you You’re gone You’re in my arms
You’re gone Your body’s broken
Your breasts drenched In my sweat
You were never mine Never mine
Your face is pale You’re still wet
You’re still naked Your bones exposed
But your drenched flesh I cannot forget
The tears
Your voice
I don’t care
You’re a blossom
A bloom
A flower
And I see you

I see you as the crabs fight over your flesh
Nothing remaining of your plump breasts
And that is how i like you
My flower.

:: 10.13.2022 ::