Daily Archives: October 24, 2022

Hanging for Your Mistakes

i kick the stones
out my way | take the blame
, eat the fruit & hang from
a branch or a cross ! lay your lace and get this mother gone — i bowed a cross so gather around : and i don’t like how you make me hang around | and i don’t like what you got me hanging from a blaming fruit ? could it be priceless taste or how you always make me hang from your mistakes? okay, taste the blame, eat the fruit, kiss the snake
i never liked you had me hanging
for your mistakes.

lay your motor-rage : eat the one
mistake got me burning you and your
soul | and i don’t like what you’ve
got me hanging from and I don’t like
what I’m hanging from : all your

:: 10.23.2022 ::

Inside the Orchestra

buried but burst! creation & love
became all___love first a voice
then a word became Light
and all Thought
& feelings | became Godlike as Our
Father of thoughts.

and i wonder where you are —
i want to wake up where you
are | oh, my…let it slide.

Did every word hit a wall
i suppose i can let you know –
i can’t say anything at all —–
s l i d e –> do you love it
when god calls and i suppose
i’ll be a Man and wake up with you
_in little pieces i believe i’m
dreaming a dream called Life
so i’m singing inside the orchestra
of what i am what you are ? wanna
get married? wake up where i am
and a dream to dream a complete
dream of tough life with tears

come true.

:: 10.23.2022 ::

Incroyable Est Venu Ce Jour


...comme toujours

a été et était
puis encore ~ était
l’amour à l’intérieur de mon
la gorge _ a chanté instruments à vent : puis maniaque coupe de cordes coeurs et âmes dans mon meilleur rêve éclatant comme un dieu putain d’éclatement___
c’est plus qu’un
Rêver )_(

je me rappelle!
     oh. Aimer.

:: 23.10.2022 ::

By Death of Feeling


death of

f e e l 

-ing or
passion of tasting:

i ATE YOU devoured
all existence of doubt |
my Thoughts all Inside
the confused lovers


ate’ing butterflies by Nature
i AM NATURE : eat me too &
sing songs without words but by
your Souls!

:: 10l23.2022 ::

a Taste of Infinity

AND i say love is
gravity pulling minds & hearts for untold centuries!

My Lips have grown cold | as hops hoppering grass
-hoppers | as love personally looking like   GOD  
(i love YOU).

   This entire single pin-pricked
atom is a beautiful evirescent
taste of infinity … (ellipses to
the left)

   My skin touches you : your Love
feels & i love the technique of
conversation dear ~~~ my tongue
rests there by paradise.

So many odes.  Buried by sands of
inconsequential moments.  i, this
poet, does not give out or give in |
i am more than wolf.  

   I am true man.

:: 10.23.2022 ::
(a new word tonight)