Daily Archives: October 18, 2022

Should’a Could’a Would’a Buddha

this isn’t about death

LOVE or Hate    getting good 
feeling Down    making moves
loving moments  eating enemies
hugging children

this isn’t about life

 DEATH i mostly love
how you care for me 
do you know what i mean?
i'll come on up or down
sideways or through when
i am ready.  Big mouth
of shame  the more i wish
the less from here to paradise
no pain no hate 
nor nightmares while awake

: should’a could’a would’a buddah

how i love you.

:: 10.18.2022 ::

Here in This Darkness I Know Myself

Don’t want to die
forgetting Life

or the Ones Loved

Don’t want to live
remembering death

Losing pieces of
my Heart

wondering what’s
wrong with me

lock me up
inside | to forget
the feeling of loving

and the touch of Sun
upon my face

:: 10.18.2022 ::