Daily Archives: October 12, 2022

Theory of Everyone

Every word ever written is within my Head
Every way of thinking, every idea in my Head
I feel as if I’m falling into a giant Mind
I feel as if the whole world is nothing but me

To know I’m alive, I am the universe
To hear I am the silence
To see I am the light
To touch I am the history
To feel I am the time
To think I am the point

And I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love
Underneath the smooth darkness
that I can’t see, the body still sings
Underneath the deep sleep, the soul dreams
Underneath the sleep, the moon sets
Underneath the bright sun, the stars glow

I am the world, I am the universe
I am the Mind, I am the World
I am the Lion, I am the Lion
I am the Fire, I am the Fire_____.

:: 10.12.2022 ::

Sing Sister

Sing Sister___

Still sing, even from there, dear sister.
The Spirit of our Lord takes you:
you shall always sing.

:: 10.12.2022 ::

Mourning Means Many Things

(…thin &       sometimes     –> t ALL     pouring hourglass rains                     Oh All!<– she’s all within my mind orsome-suchSilly paIN___it’s  killing me!   & the silverrain falls upon eloquence  with logic — ties me up and arrests me!)

becomes or became? What, if anything? Began a greater force known as Nature!

Morns as these –unseen–a
-part of this or that___ fluttering first caught my eyes Then my mouth i ate
the truth and spat out it for my own reality. Did i this. This i did.
–by date of breakfast–by miracles–and brides before___/|||\ we clibmed down
for apocalypse___worlds___floods____faint-by man-made device lost lives ___elapse
from sighing | Emily says,
“Faith–The Experiment of Our Lord.” Emily Dickinson (rest by eprobles)

Good evening
Good Morning

:: 10.12.2022 ::

The Beast you Pet

What you pet is an animal in a cage
but the little child could not stop__
see the animal in your cage you pet?
\snap/ Because her mind had gone (out for a stroll)
and fallen down the Rabbit Hole she became a Beast.
Destroying all her
Reflections of what she
wished to be _ but sight inside a crack she feared became focused. All of the World just creations of Your Own _ devils and demon
dogs and God and Satan and Jesus
and Buddah is the illusion we mainly
believe and choose.
Excited we begin to create more
and everything is right where it belongs
: fog of confusion to open the door
to the horror of our own destiny.

  :: 10.12.2022 ::

Creations of My Own

IF one shall break their heart by giving Love they are the Children of my Heart
Thinking the world beautiful you may never have gone outside at night — the
evil done undercover | instead you stare up into space, having never felt the taste of fear
upon your tongue — it tastes like blood of fear uncaged prowling you now___

Have you ever been awake so early, that you watch your body before the mind
starts? The heart begins pumping clouds into the skies…And if you could have ever
glanced at your reflection could you look right through the deepest cracks /afraid
to see?\ It’s not just you but also me.

Tripping on tree roots and slipping upon words,
is anything different, that many do not notice —
like the elaborate dream of living \not without reflection/
but just a sight of cheek and breathing air
Inside my world’s throat creations of my own get caught
: living in this illusion i choose to believe
OUR EYES were looking at each other
disregarding the illusory dream upon the edges
You were looking at it,
I was looking at you.

:: 10.12.2022 ::

By Love or by Might

        if by love or by might

             my love i'd fight     

               having you for 
                   life i would

if by might
giving within by
my love i’d fight

          if by love or by might

:: 10.11.2022 ::