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Nature’s Birth

Nature’s birth, so wild and free A symphony of life, for all to see As I walk these paths alone I feel the rhythm of the earth’s gentle tone My steps may falter, but I am strong With every breath, I sing nature’s song The wood and rock, the briar twine All a part of this world so divine With every step, my heart takes flight For in nature’s embrace, all is right The dewey moss, the fallen trees All a part of nature’s melodies For many miles, I walk this land And feel the gentle touch of nature’s hand Tears may fall, but in its birth Nature brings a love so pure and worth So I ask, will you give me a voice to remember? For in nature’s embrace, my love will never surrender And though I may never hear you again Nature’s birth will always remain my greatest friend.


The poem, “Nature’s Birth,” captures the essence of nature in all its beauty and majesty. It highlights the author’s strong connection to the natural world and how it brings a sense of peace and tranquility. The poem opens with a description of nature’s birth, which is wild and free, and a symphony of life that everyone can see. The author emphasizes the power of nature by describing how they can feel the earth’s gentle tone as they walk alone on nature’s paths.

As the poem continues, the author speaks to the strength they feel when surrounded by nature, even if their steps falter. They emphasize the importance of every aspect of nature, from the wood and rocks to the briar twine, as all part of the divine world. The author’s heart takes flight with every step they take in nature, highlighting the transformative power of the natural world.

The author then describes their connection to nature, emphasizing how it makes them feel like everything is right in the world. They describe the beauty of dewy moss and fallen trees, showing how even the smallest details in nature are part of a larger, harmonious whole.

The poem ends with a reflection on the author’s journey through nature, describing how they have walked many miles, feeling the gentle touch of nature’s hand. The author acknowledges that tears may fall, but in nature’s birth, there is a love that is pure and worth cherishing. The author concludes the poem by asking for a voice to remember, one that will never forget the love and peace that nature has brought to them.

Overall, “Nature’s Birth” is a beautiful and heartfelt poem that speaks to the transformative power of nature. It highlights the deep connection that humans have with the natural world and how it brings a sense of peace and tranquility.


What spirit imbue that flesh! A love as thy mother in her best
twinkle eye too, heart of gold that mystic flair balance dew
upon the blade of green-soothe and touch thy father’s heart, too!

And thou tend to good deeds that love and life bequeath all
a fire and tender twinkle too thy father so joyous tears sing
and moon and bird-song along shall forever follow you!

Her lovely grace in turmoil say and his heart too shall always beat
for you the world and all its gifts not of gold or position in world
but that tender spot angels dance that room which first I met you

Which must have the best cot that for ever remain has my home
Thou art a fair thing a bloom of sweet beauty, fair fair, I mean
It’s more than the roses a bright noon-day bringing the day
it’s not the grass all broken now it’s not the rain after, or not
a cold kiss of winter night it’s what’s inside the one
but their fur or not, they’re not as dear they’re neither roses nor grass
but what’s inside the heart-and the bloom that come to keep that

What winds’ soft breath, what autumn songs from the skies that day
and what beauty was not lost come from the heart’s cleft,
a heart I hold in mine to thy father that who now with eyes in silence fix
tears of heart that he will weep for you,
From Heaven above have come


: 08.31.2022 ::

Love’s Eternal Flame

who’s most afraid of death? though
                   art of him
utterly afraid, I love of thee
(beloved) this
       and truly i would be
near when his scythe takes crisply the whim
of thy smoothness.  and marke the fainting
murdered petals.

Who is afraid of love?  That words and
whispers cut the Soul in belief _ her voice and breathe softly against me
i see adventurous life and love.
To be brave is to love unconditionally
without expecting anything in return.

That you pierce my soul I am half agony,
half hope.  Against promise, peace, against
hope, happiness, against discouragement that could
be.  In light, I learn to love.  In this beauty,
how I make poetry.  That you dance within my
heart where no one sees — but at times
centuries do.  How your love becomes Art.

:: 02.24.2023  ::


I followed a

to the ground,

As it twirled and spun along a dizzying path,
Until it settled, without a single sound,
A delicate thing in nature’s aftermath.

And there I found a penny, dull and plain,
With no thoughts to share or secrets to hold,
But I picked it up all the same,
As the feather’s story began to unfold.

For as the feather and copper came to rest,
They fell upon an anvil’s hardened steel,
And with each strike, the hammer’s fierce behest,
Their beauty and strength were revealed.

So let us remember, as we journey on,
That even the smallest things can bear great weight,
And by falling, we may yet rise to dawn,
Transformed by the anvil of fate.

revised: 08-05-2014 | 02.23.2023 ::

My Poetry

My poetry fractured, like shattered glass,
Each piece a reflection of a different past,
A kaleidoscope of memories and dreams,
A mosaic of emotions and silent screams.

I am not whole, and nor is my verse,
A broken mirror with a thousand hurts,
Reflecting back the shards of my soul,
A shattered image that will never be whole.

But in each fragment, there lies a truth,
A piece of me that I cannot refute,
And though my poetry may be incomplete,
It is a portrait of who I am, bittersweet.

So let me embrace my fractured art,
And wear my scars like a work of art,
For in each broken piece, there lies a story,
A journey of pain, but also of glory.::

Heavy Moon

When midnight falls, a dreamlike world unfolds,
Where fairies flit and dance with sprightly glee,
And mortal hearts, by love’s sweet spell, are hold,
Entranced by all the wond’rous sights they see.

The moon, a glowing orb in starry skies,
Illuminates the woodland’s dappled glades,
As lovers’ sighs and whispered lullabies
Are carried on the breeze like serenades.

In this enchanted realm of make-believe,
Reality dissolves like morning dew,
And all the cares of day begin to leave,
As hearts are healed by love’s enchanting brew.

Oh, midnight summer’s dream, so sweet and fair,
Thou art a realm beyond compare.

:: 02.23.2023 ::


spEAK (come into my ear)
can you can y o u — speak /
E V E R try to make love
work? \ everyday the skies
press against that romantic heart…
i woke up dreaming i had a new day
hiding the sight of an empty bed
made tea and sucked upon my thumb
and prayed 2 Gawd and the universe
: i cried i cried and then fell to
sleep weeping i was not human….
tried to say i tried to say_____
what the creator choked upon.
human mind
human mind
human mind
greater than all things
sleeping as human
i destroyed gawd
destroyed and rebuilt
love. rebuilt everything..
i cried i cried and then feel to
wakefulness weeping : for all LOVE.

My Lover

Something in the effervescent veins floats my body
A surreal landscape of screaming death defying understanding
Fields of gold bursting forth into fullest flowers
A consciousness that barely touches the art of essences

Something in the radiance of your smile illuminates my being
Shimmering lips and curves like a vision bright as the moon
To hear the song of your quiet tongue, taste the tone of your beating heart
Is to be wreathed by the blossoms of your tender breasts

Something in the way we meet, away from life’s busy sounds
Our minds merge into one, fathoming mysteries together
No words, no song, no thoughts can capture our connection
Veiled eyes and unwritten poetry sent, in a passion of growing fields held by hands and fingers bent inward

Something, our love, is a high candelabrum shining bright
Guiding us on this journey, where surrealism and abstract tones unite
Something in the way we move, something in the way we feel
Something in the way we explore this realm beyond comprehension

Camille Antoinette Clifford

You were my heart
in many ways
i measured
i took the numbers
and died a physical heaven
so sorry but men love the curve of time
Camille Clifford: i give a moment
in summer and i Smile fan and dress
goose and mother and time with all
she said she wanted
(it’s all she needed)
just a kiss upon
the cheek of Time

:: 01-24-2015 ::


Asking what love is, wait a beat
How it feels, in this moment sweet
I love you, and then…

The truth of breath and body, the rush and the wait
A face-tilt to feel the softest embrace, like ocean life on my lungs I ache

Stay here, let your heart hum, over and over
A dream of sun-filled blooms, never fully uncovered
But come each day, to touch my eyes
Each time they close, to wishful sleep they rise

What sweet life, my soul can dream
Earth’s soil so wet, like dew it seems
Tears and feelings, my mind does doubt
But release the budding light, let love sprout

Skip the treacle, the grail, let passion fuel your vessel
A tickle within, let truth in heart bleed red, this moment is special

Now, breathe and push, you rhythmic lover
You gave me the reason, this moment, in Spring’s cover

Lips ask what’s love, wait a beat
Love is here, now and complete
I love you.