My Poetry

My poetry fractured, like shattered glass,
Each piece a reflection of a different past,
A kaleidoscope of memories and dreams,
A mosaic of emotions and silent screams.

I am not whole, and nor is my verse,
A broken mirror with a thousand hurts,
Reflecting back the shards of my soul,
A shattered image that will never be whole.

But in each fragment, there lies a truth,
A piece of me that I cannot refute,
And though my poetry may be incomplete,
It is a portrait of who I am, bittersweet.

So let me embrace my fractured art,
And wear my scars like a work of art,
For in each broken piece, there lies a story,
A journey of pain, but also of glory.::

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Writer, Artist. I like to paint abstract acrylic images onto canvas. I love to read everything, and I especially enjoy science, philosophy, and the arts. I'm new to the blog experience and I very much enjoy it! I hope to learn as much about all the features that WordPress offers and thank you -- my visitor -- for taking time to read my words. Peace and love... View all posts by EPRobles

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