What spirit imbue that flesh! A love as thy mother in her best
twinkle eye too, heart of gold that mystic flair balance dew
upon the blade of green-soothe and touch thy father’s heart, too!

And thou tend to good deeds that love and life bequeath all
a fire and tender twinkle too thy father so joyous tears sing
and moon and bird-song along shall forever follow you!

Her lovely grace in turmoil say and his heart too shall always beat
for you the world and all its gifts not of gold or position in world
but that tender spot angels dance that room which first I met you

Which must have the best cot that for ever remain has my home
Thou art a fair thing a bloom of sweet beauty, fair fair, I mean
It’s more than the roses a bright noon-day bringing the day
it’s not the grass all broken now it’s not the rain after, or not
a cold kiss of winter night it’s what’s inside the one
but their fur or not, they’re not as dear they’re neither roses nor grass
but what’s inside the heart-and the bloom that come to keep that

What winds’ soft breath, what autumn songs from the skies that day
and what beauty was not lost come from the heart’s cleft,
a heart I hold in mine to thy father that who now with eyes in silence fix
tears of heart that he will weep for you,
From Heaven above have come


: 08.31.2022 ::

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