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\   after the worst of days
of any age –on these nights
when blood meets moonlight
never feel bad for me.

i was glad
    to grow upon any night
so winds sing sounds–the
gates are near


when i wake up–Over there,
framed by a heart whose ventures
i love;  take me August nights!
after the worst of days

of any age
on these nights
when blood meets

:: 08.02.2020 ::


THE secret is within the liar’s mouth
i push you aside as a tongue searching
for the hole, reached so far i broke
my tendon-mind all away
i looked within your gapping heart
for ways — even there within the vast
emptiness of Memories

:: 07.24.2020 ::


All right, okay, tonight we’re talking about
drugs: “Marijuana!”
No. Not Marijuana
“Hash!” No. Not hash!
“Speed!” No, not speed.
It’s let’s give a fuck!
And when i’m at work i want to work
so hard but walk so far between
alone and hearts
sweet so sweet i see the last breath
is colleagues and i can smell formaldehyde
on their breath it makes me wish i could
crawl inside their casket and find solace
the dead  always smile when their flesh
fades away and i like lollipops cause
living souls can lick and the dead don’t
have tongues

:: 07-12-2015 ::